COMPASS Insights

Series of webinars on key regional and local challenges addressed to a more specialized audience.


Organised by Ulysseus Innovation Hubs, these webinars bring together experts from academia, industry and NGO’s, among other organisations to discuss key regional and local challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation, resource depletion, sustainability; inequality; health and well-being in an increasingly ageing society; economic, regulatory and technical issues o renewable energy; smart and climate-neutral cities; gender inequality; entrepreneurship; artificial intelligence for businesses and education; present and future of robotics; cultural heritage, etc.

Hosted by Ulysseus Innovation hubs:

Learn more about the state-of-the-art of key trending topics through our series of webinars.

Meet the Ulysseus Post-Docs in Ageing & Well-being

The innovation hub of Ageing and Wellbeing, hosted by Université Côte d’Azur and based in Nice, awarded 4 post-doc positions to support promising projects and collaborations. Join us for an engaging and informative discussion on the latest research in ageing and wellbeing, presented by our talented post-doctoral fellows.

Industrial Sustainability: challenges, perspectives, actions

Join us for an engaging and informative discussion and discover how sustainable management is essential for creating a more resilient and equitable economy that can meet the needs of current and future generations.


Is 100% renewable energy sector really possible?

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine has made a rethinking of energy policy in the European Union much more necessary, given the vulnerability it presents due to its dependence on foreign energy, especially Russian gas and oil. This situation forces us to bet even more on renewable energy sources, which are not only an effective tool in the fight against climate change but also a powerful formula for the European Union to achieve energy autonomy.

From research to entrepreneuship... It can work!

What does it mean to start an entrepreneurial activity? How to combine it with research? Join this interactive webinar to know more about entrepreneurship and get started with you entrepreneurial activity. This webinar is hosted by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciencies based in Helsinki (Finland).

Where is robotics heading?

At this webinar participants will learn the latest on the wide range of use of robots and humanoids in industry and other areas such as healthcare, well-being, transport and the like, with an underlining of possible scenarios in which the field of robotics is developing in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

How to transfer interdisciplinary competences in heritage studies

What are the main educational gaps in interdisciplinary instruction? And which supports would be favourable at national and/or international level? Through some good practices and hands-on experiences, the interdisciplinary approach will be analysed and promoted widely.


Artificial Intelligence in education

The webinar will cover the ethical and social implications of AI in education, including issues related to data privacy, bias, and algorithmic accountability. It will also explore the challenges of integrating AI into existing educational systems and the need for continued research and development in this area.

Webinar: 2030, A journey towards climate neutral and smart cities in Europe

This seminar highlights existing actions in the alliance towards the goal of achieving smart and climate-neutral cities amongst our regions and will inspire innovative actions to take place within our community, including citizens, academia, and businesses and implement transformative processes.

Human-centric AI and its applications

This webinar focuses on the interaction of users and artificial intelligence (AI). Human-Centric AI emphases cognitive, emotional and social aspects of human interaction when using AI applications. Existing AI applications are able to detect human emotions derived from images or videos. Although machines, such as AI applications are often considered as unsocial devices, they are, however, able to provide increased social signals and socially oriented behaviour.

Digitalization in life: a multidisciplinary approach

New ideas for the age-old problem of ageing

Although several ageing biological hallmarks have been identified, very little is known about the time-dependent mechanisms that orchestrate their appearance, intensity, organ-specificity, and consequences. How do they start? How do they progress? What is their frequency across populations and population groups? Do programmed ageing clocks exist to orchestrate their temporal appearance? Can we reverse them ? These questions will be addressed-through the recent advances of IRCAN teams of the University Côte d’Azur.

Introducing new solutions for boosting accessibility and inclusiveness in cultural heritage

The boost of digitalisation and technological solutions are the ultimate responses to an increasing demand for both audience development and activities of monitoring. Then, what are the more feasible options, and which are the side effects of this development? The webinar will address these topics reflecting on the different meanings of ‘accessibility’ and ‘inclusiveness’ in different contexts, opening a dialogue on their challenges and opportunities.

Circular economy and opportunities for the European Green Deal

However, what does the Green Deal effect the legal situation in EU countries? What impact will circular economy have to tackle these challenges? Where can companies and universities set actions, and how can we all contribute?

EDI, Gender & Ethics Videos

Series of activities of Ulysseus that support and promote gender equality and help to address and overcome existing barriers in the academic setting.

Female scientists breaking barriers in research

“Female scientists breaking barriers in research” consists of seven interviews to Ulysseus female researchers that offer the opportunity to the general public to learn about existing challenges in society that have motivated these researchers to do research in gender studies.

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Who you are matters

“Who you are matters” is a webinar that targets young scientists and aims at raising awareness about the need and importance of incorporating a gender+ and intersectional perspective in STEM research in European Universities.

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Science: where magic happens

Female Scientist

“Science: where magic happens” is a roundtable celebrated with occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. At htis online event, upper secondary students from six countries had the opportunity to ask questions to young female researchers from Ulysseus about their barriers and challenges experienced in their academic careers as female scientists.

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Activities for researchers

Activities organised for researchers to engage with peers, establishing new collaborations and consolidating consortiums and seizing opportunities to develop joint European projects, scientific workshops, seminars, congresses, courses and mobilities.

COMPASS Researchers' Workshop in Innsbruck

On September 12-15 2022, the Ulysseus’ Innovation Hub of Food, Biotechnology & Circular Economy, led by MCI | The Entrepreneurial School in Austria, invited researchers from the alliance working in the fields of food technology, agricultural sciences, biosciences, biotechnology, and circular economy to foster exchanges and get-together activities in order to build and strengthen future collaborations and research activities within and beyond the alliance.

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COMPASS Researchers' Days in Seville

The Ulysseus European University Compass Researchers’ Days in Seville took place on 22-23 June 2022. This event gathered more than 80 researchers from Ulysseus partner universities and comprised seminars, workshops and visits to key research centres.

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COMPASS Researchers' Workshop in Košice

The Researchers’ Agenda within the Ulysseus Summit in Košice took place from 27-29 April 2022. This event gathered nearly a hundred members of the Ulysseus community at the Technical University of Košice. At this occasion, researchers had workshops on robotics, data and artificial intelligence, brainstorming sessions on upcoming ideas for Horizon Europe calls for proposals and visits to key research centres within the Technical University of Košice.

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Science for everyone

Initiatives aiming at bringing science closer to all target audiences.

European Researchers' Night 2023

Image of a wired brain

On 29 September 2023  Ulysseus joined the European Researchers’ Night, a Europe-wide public event which aims at bringing science closer to the public in a engaging way. For this occasion, four Ulysseus experts explained to us in a series of mini interviews how Artificial Intelligence is bringing benefits to citizens in different ways.

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European Researchers' Night 2022

On 30 September 2022, Ulysseus held a quiz involving children and Ulysseus scientists. Here, young students from six European countries challenged our researchers to answer questions related to smart cities.

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European Researchers' Night 2021

On 24 September 2021, Ulysseus held a series of video-interviews with six Ulysseus scientists on circular economy, climate change, green transition, renewable energy and waste management all of them, closely related to the European Green Deal.

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COMPASS: Leading Ulysseus to become a European University excellence model through Research and Innovation” is a Horizon 2020 project of Ulysseus and the flagship for its R&I agenda and strategy.

COMPASS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 101035809. The views and opinions expressed in this communication are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.