Public statement of Ulysseus European University on the military agression in Ukraine

Ulysseus European University publicly condems the military aggression in Ukraine and calls for the immediate cease of violence in this territory.

Ulysseus European University condemns any forms of violence towards any social group or individual. In view of last days’ events, we publicly condemn the unjustified military aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Ulysseus expresses its solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainian academic and research institutions and community.

Ulysseus is the University for the citizens of the future. In this future that we envision, there is no place for armed conflicts and military attacks. And only education has the power to provoke this change. Safe learning spaces must be built, not destroyed.

Events like the ones we are living these days threaten the work of many generations to build a peaceful Europe and world, to construct cohesive yet diverse communities, always based on knowledge and common work. Therefore, we call for the immediate cease of violence in Ukraine.

We reaffirm our commitment to the values of democracy, human rights and rule of law.

Read here the public statement of Ulysseus’ students on the military agression in Ukraine


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