Green Mobility in Seville

Sevilla is a completely flat city. It is situated in one of the lowest areas of Spain, the lower valley of the river Guadalquivir. It is only 10 metres above sea level on average, which is 90 kilometres far by river navigation and 100 kms. by road. With the largest old town in Spain, 4 square kilometres, a municipal area of about 140 square kilometres and many interesting neighbourhoods, it is an ideal city for walking and strolling.

In a city that is flat, open and clear and has a very good climate most of the year, cycling is ideal.

The metro is very useful for connecting large urban areas, especially in the west-east direction, but, on the other hand, it is completely inoperative if you want to travel from north to south. The tram is very pleasant, but its route is very short. Therefore, the bus is the most popular means of public transport, with its extensive network capable of reaching all parts of the city. Taxis are very useful, as they can be hailed not only at the taxi stations, but also at any point in the city, and their price is affordable.

How to move around in a sustainable way