Green Mobility in Helsinki

Public transport system in Helsinki is very good and covers all areas of the city and greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area. To reach Haaga-Helia campus, train is the best option.

All commuter and long-distance trains stop at Pasila station which is right next door to the campus. The commuter train is also a very good way to move between different areas of the city and suburbs, as well as to the airport. In and around the city centre most people prefer to use the tram, also as an alternative to walking short distances (especially in case the weather is bad). The metro connects the Eastern districts of Helsinki with the neighbouring city of Espoo and is the fastest public transport option.

Areas that are not served by rail connections are easy to reach with the extensive bus network. The different options complete each other so that it is very common to for instance begin the journey by tram, train or metro and then continue with a bus service. The same ticketing system applies in all options which makes public transport very easy to use.

Navigating the system and checking the best route is easy with the HSL Journey Planner – available on the HSL website and app. HSL ticket is valid also on the ferry to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress – a UNESCO world heritage site which is definitely worth a visit!


How to move around in a sustainable way