Green Mobility in Innsbruck

The public transport system in Innsbruck and the region of Tyrol itself is very good and covers all areas of the city and the whole region. Due to the geographical position Innsbruck is an important travel hub for international train connections, from the north to the south and the east to the west of Austria and Europe.

Most of the city is located in a valley. The majority of landmarks are easily reachable by bike or walking. In general, the size of the city allows the students to reach the most important places like shops, bar, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. by bike, walking or using the public transport. Four of five campus of the MCI are located next to the historical centre of Innsbruck.

For longer distances, Innsbruck has a very good public transport system. It is very easy to reach any part in or outside of the city.

How to move around in a sustainable way