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The public transport system in Innsbruck and the region of Tyrol itself is very good and covers all areas of the city and the whole region. Due to the geographical position Innsbruck is an important travel hub for international train connections, from the north to the south and the east to the west of Austria and Europe.

Most of the city is located in a valley. The majority of landmarks are easily reachable by bike or walking.

In general, the size of the city allows the students to reach the most important places like shops, bar, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. by bike, walking or using the public transport. Four of five campus of the MCI are located next to the historical centre of Innsbruck.

For longer distances, Innsbruck has a very good public transport system. It is very easy to reach any part in or outside of the city.

Tips & Recommendations

Urban rail (short distance train)

IVB Network map

Check out the map available

Name of the companies


Websites (region Tyrol) (for Innsbruck)

Ticket prices

VVT – €142.80 or €187.20

Student prices and/or seasonal tickets

  • For updated prices please click here
  • ÖBB Vorteilscard Jugend valid in Austria. For everyone under 26: With the Vorteilscard Jugend, you can travel by train at discounted rates for only €19 a year. This card is available to anybody below the age of 26 (until 1 day prior to the 26th birthday).
  • VVT offers several options. Tickets for the whole region are available or for Innsbruck only.
  • KlimaTicket allows the use of all services (public and private rail, city and public transport) in Austria. Travellers aged 25 or younger and disabled travellers pay €821.


Name of the companies



Ticket prices

Please check prices here.

Student prices and/or seasonal tickets

  • VVT, see all details on the train section above
  • IVB. Click on the link above to check the latest prices.

Bicycle lanes

Check out the cycling maps routes of Innsbruck and the whole region of Tyrol.

Public bicycle rentals

Stadträder city bikes available for free for MCI students. No annual fee. Students can rent a city bike for free for the first 30 minutes of each trip. After the first 30 minutes, usage fees apply, depending on the duration of your ride. To benefit from this offer, you have to register as user at Stadtrad Innsbruck.

Where to purchase a new or used bicycle

Using a bicycle in Innsbruck is very popular. Therefore, there are many bike shops in Innsbruck. Used bikes can be found, either on or Facebook marketplace.

There is a co-working bicycle workshop each Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Bäckerei. They will help you repair your own bike and can offer some spare parts in return for a small tip.

Other cycling options

TIER E scooter

Follow the 7 “R”

  • Replace, use e.g. bottles that can be reused again. Avoid single use items.
  • Reduce, rethink your consumption decision. Do I really need to buy this?
  • Reuse, reuse items so often as possible.
    There are two major second-hand stores in Innsbruck, Wams and Ho&Ruck.
  • Rethink, do I need a new bag for my shopping, or can I reuse another bag?
    There are farmer’s markets in Innsbruck where you can get your fresh vegetable, meat, eggs and cheese without any packaging and directly from the producers. One of them is at Wiltener Platz on Saturdays between 8:00 am and noon. Otherwise, there is a zero-waste store called Greenroot.
  • Refuse, join green initiatives like: friday for future demonstration
  • Recycle, recycle your waste
  • Repair, instead of buying new items, try to fix them once they are broken

  • Carbon Literacy Training
  • MCI Sustainable Week. Sustainable Week 2023
  • MCI Sustainable Week. Sustainable Week 2024
  • Community Projekt Ourroots
  • Other programs/actions/ideas include the creation of a guide for students as well for the administrative staff at the MCI

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