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The inaugural session of the European Student Assembly will bring together 200/300 student representatives designated in all 41 European university alliances (EUAs), for a conference to be held at the European parliament in Strasbourg in March 2022.
As an student of Ulysseus European University, we invite you to apply for a seat in the European Student Assembly. This initiative will bring together 300 students from European university alliances and give them a voice in EU decisions in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe.
The inaugural session of the Assembly will take place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in March 2022.
Would you like to participate?
If so, please fill in this form by 14 November, choosing Ulysseus from the dropdown menu of European Universities. Participants will be selected on the basis of a motivation letter and CV. 
Let us know if you have applied your seat by choosing Ulysseus! Contact us in dissemination@ulysseus.eu.
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What key topics will be discussed?

See below the full list of topics:

ciber security
health union

Common values

Cyber attacks


How can the EU reunite its people around its common values?

How can the European Union become more resilient to cyber attacks?

Kearning from the pandemic – Do we need an European Health Union?

Agriculture vs. Sustainability

Sustainable development

Democracy of tomorrow

Agriculture vs. Sustainability – What Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the future?

Sustainable development or degrowth – What economic model can the EU adopt for tomorrow’s world and how can it be durably settled?

Re-thinking democratic engagement in the digital age: How should the European democracy of tomorrow look like?

social media
climate change

Social Media

EU position

Climate refugees

Social media: opportunities and threats – How can the EU regulate digital platforms without limiting freedom of speech and free exchange of thoughts?

How should the EU position itself in a globalized world, vis-à-vis other actors such as the US, China, or Russia, and with regard to conflicts in its neighbourhood?

Climate refugees as a new challenge for Europe – How should the European Union prepare to deal with refugee crises to come?

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