Ulysseus CitiesMD


Consortium Structure

Consortium Coordinator. The University of Seville, as consortium coordinator, mainly manages the administrative, legal and financial matters of Ulysseus CitiesMD and will report to the other consortium partners universities.

For the remaining tasks, the consortium is made up by a body in which the six Ulysseus partner universities participate:

  • The Academic Steering Committee. Responsible for the correct implementation of the joint master and the general management.
  • Selection Committee. It is in charge of the issues related to the admission criteria and the selection procedure. It is in contact with the Ulysseus Academic Recognition Board, which will ensure the coordination with the Academic Recognition Committees of each Ulysseus partner university, in order to promote flexible and automatic academic recognition within Ulysseus.
  • Internal Quality Assurance Committee. It ensures the joint programme internal quality assurance and designs improvement strategies.
  • Joint Master Secretariat. It is the operative unit in charge of executive management, communication with other partners, administrative and financial management. It is located at the International Graduate School (Escuela Internacional de Postgrado, EIP) of the University of Seville.




Escuela Internacional de Postgrado de la Universidad de Sevilla.

Pabellón de México, Paseo de las Delicias s/n, 41013 Sevilla (Spain).

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