COMPASS Good Practices Guide on R&I Internationalization Plan

This guide gives a comprehensive overview of the progress made by Ulysseus in establishing its inaugural international branch. It explores various internationalization approaches, with a focus on a strategic collaboration designed to become a model for future international engagement.

COMPASS Good Practices Guide on R&I Internationalization Plan

The COMPASS Good Practices Guide on R&I Internationalization Plan discusses Ulysseus, a European university alliance, and its plan to establish its first strategic partnership for creating an Ulysseus International Branch Beyond Europe.

Strategic Partnership:

  • Goal: Form a comprehensive partnership with a non-EU leading university or institution sharing Ulysseus’ values in research and innovation (R&I).
  • Criteria: Selection based on EU priorities, funding opportunities, and alignment with the European Commission’s Global Gateway strategy.


  • Pioneering Collaboration: Position Ulysseus as a leader in innovative international R&I partnerships.
  • Future Branch Pathway: The partnership could evolve into Ulysseus’ first international branch outside the EU.
  • EU Alignment: Supports EU’s international cooperation strategy and the Global Gateway initiative.

Next Steps:

  • Identify Partners: Look for institutions that align strategically and regionally.
  • Develop MoU: Create a detailed Memorandum of Understanding outlining the partnership’s structure, goals, and activities.
  • Establish Roadmap: Plan the partnership’s progression towards a potential international branch.

This guide encapsulates Ulysseus’ internationalization initiative, emphasizing the flagship partnership as a foundation for future global expansion and leadership in R&I collaboration.