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Anyone currently employed in the academic field in one of the Ulysseus Universities is automatically a Ulysseus Academic, becoming part of the Ulysseus University Alliance for the citizens of the future. That being said, please note that in order to take part in activities geared towards Ulysseus Academics, a separate application/registration is still necessary.

FAQs: Mobility for Academics

Ulysseus strongly believes that European Universities should be open-to-the-world, solidary institutions beyond European borders. By connecting Ulysseus Academics from different Ulysseus partner universities, Ulysseus aims to achieve the goal of ever-greater cooperation between institutions and a change in mindset towards a more open, inclusive world.

Ulysseus Partners offer a wide range of mobility options to maximize involvement of a variety of different Academics in a Ulysseus Academics Journey. Generally, activities offer vary depending on duration (short-term vs. long-term) and delivery (in-person, virtual or blended). Please check the Ulysseus course catalogue for up-to-date information on each course.

Ulysseus offers unique opportunities to not only students but also academics to experience the benefits of a strong network between Ulysseus partner universities. It not only facilitates exchange, but also aims to create new learning processes and cooperation between its academics.

Typically, opportunities for Academics are featured on the Ulysseus website and communicated via different communications channels, depending on the activity’s format. Depending on the partner university, deadlines may vary. Course specific deadlines as well as selection criteria are provided in the course catalogue. Therefore, make sure you check this page regularly.

Mutual exchange and best practice sharing with other Ulysseus Universities are amongst the top reasons for faculties to encourage their academic staff to get involved in Ulysseus activities. Bringing together a more academically and culturally diverse group of Academics and Students will certainly benefit the entirety of Ulysseus universities. Lastly, Ulysseus courses foster long-term cooperation between all Ulysseus universities partners.

Offers, which are still being developed, will be posted on the Ulysseus website well as on the individual webpages of the Ulysseus partner universities. There, you will also find specific information regarding the application process and other important details.

You can apply for an Erasmus+ mobility grant for your physical mobility to one of the Ulysseus universities. Additionally, some Ulysseus universities will offer stipends for shorter trips and workshops. You will have to apply for these grants at your home university, in coordination with your Ulysseus advisor.

Each Ulysseus University spearheads one of the following topics:

The six Innovation Hubs are aligned with six R&D regional and local challenges, in turn responding to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal, and the Horizon Europe clusters and missions. By bringing together research, education, industry and citizens, Ulysseus works towards solutions that benefit every European citizen and region.

More information can be found in our Innovation Ecosystem landing page.

At each of the six Ulysseus Universities a Innovation Hub Officer is responsible for promoting the university’s topic within their university and the greater Ulysseus Alliance. More information, as well as ways to get in touch with colleagues at other Ulysseus Universities can be found here.

Travelling with your entire team to another Ulysseus institution depends on the respective measures and its requirements. Additionally, a university must be able to afford absence of an entire team for a specific amount of time. Therefore, issues like these need to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Inclusiveness is one of the main pillars of the Ulysseus Alliance. Wherever possible, Ulysseus will support Academics with limited mobility with its Mob4All project, which aims for equal access to everyone. In the case of online or blended programs, all Ulysseus partners are called upon to ensure different participants’ needs are met.

Ulysseus aspires to be an open and inclusive European University for all of its Academics. Please check the course catalogue for virtual and blended options and get in touch with your Innovation Hub Officer to facilitate exchange between Ulysseus faculties across Europe.

Yes, Ulysseus programmes are offered to full time as well as part time Academics.

Students, Academics and Non-Academic Staff are encouraged to speak 2+ languages within the Ulysseus Alliance. Language courses at A1 beginner level are offered as open courses to all Ulysseus members. Many of the courses workshops offered are held in English, meaning that a B2 level of English according to the CEFR is highly recommended/required.

Ulysseus Academics participating in fruitful exchanges between Ulysseus Universities are instrumental in achieving the goals of the Ulysseus alliance, allowing them to further develop their careers in a truly European environment. By helping to share research and ideas between up to six universities the entirety of the Ulysseus Alliance will benefit.

As a Ulysseus Academic you are expected to show a high level of commitment, openness to the world and self-initiative. Since the Ulysseus Alliance is still in its pilot phase, a certain degree of flexibility is required of all participants in the Ulysseus experiences. The main focus is on actively engaging society through professional activities and academic courses, furthering a shared European identity and thus the Ulysseus Alliance.

If you would like information on your institution’s Ulysseus Alliance staff, please check the Ulysseus website or get in touch with your Ulysseus Coordinators.

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Welcome guide

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Academic offer

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