Ulysseus Traineeship Programme

Discover the Ulysseus Internship Program, designed to enhance students‘ hard and soft skills in a professional environment. Our program offers challenging work assignments, fostering self-confidence and personal growth, while opening doors to networking connections and mentorship opportunities.
Employers can tap into this program for flexible, cost-effective talent acquisition, gaining access to high-quality trainees ready to infuse fresh ideas and perspectives into their organization.

For our partner universities, the program promotes a more efficient student employment process, facilitates contact with employers, and strengthens student loyalty while bridging academic theory with practical experience.

Powered by Ulysseus Innovation Hubs and Associated Partners, the program integrates local and international work experiences, offering a platform for skill development, industry exposure, and global connectivity.

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Frequently asked questions and answers for traineeship providers

Ulysseus European University, one of the 44 alliances of European universities initiated by the European Commission as universities of the future, is an excellency-recognized, internationally attractive, open to the world, persons-centred and entrepreneurial European University for the citizens of the future.

The alliance was established in 2020 and its members are:

All types of organisations can be traineeship providers.

The traineeships’ thematical focus is not limited, as the members of the Ulysseus alliance cover broad range of study programme fields.

To meet the international dimension of the Ulysseus alliance, we expect positions suitable for students communicating in a foreign language (primarily English; secondary languages of the alliance member countries are German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish).

The Ulysseus Traineeship Programme envisages the realization of a traineeship (practice) for foreign university students. Signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the alliance member (HEI sending the student) and the traineeship provider is optional, based on the requirements and conditions of both partners.

The relationship between the intern and the provider will be regulated by the Erasmus+ Programme and Traineeship Contract.

If traineeship is not financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme, it is up to the provider to propose and conclude suitable contractual relationship.
The traineeship provider is responsible for ensuring compliance with the legislation applicable to the implementation of the internship and safe conditions in the working environment.

The traineeship can be of physical (on-site), online or hybrid form. The choice of form is at the discretion of the provider.

In the case of funding a traineeship from the Erasmus+ Programme, the on-site traineeship is required with a minimum duration of 2 months, which will allow the student and provider to best meet the expectations of the programme.

The traineeship time allocation (number of working hours daily/weekly/monthly) and its distribution in the working days is defined by the provider. We recommend this to be specified based on the agreement with the trainee.

The pilot call for traineeships is published from June until the end of October 2023. Traineeship offers can be added continuously.

The traineeship must be completed by the end of May 2024.

Internship providers can plan the date and length of traineeships according to their own needs and discretion.

In the case of financing the traineeship through the Erasmus+ program the minimum duration of 2 months for the traineeship is required.

The Erasmus+ Programme funds traineeship by covering the necessary expenses of students during the traineeship (transportation, accommodation and food), if the conditions of the programme are met.

In some countries (e.g. in Austria and Germany) the traineeship is paid, in others the paid position is considered a form of employment.

To make the traineeship offer more attractive, the provider can offer various benefits to the trainee (additional allowance for transport, accommodation, meal tickets, staff food, etc.).

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The provider fills out the online form on the Ulysseus website for the publication of the offer. The form must be filled for each offer separately.
  2. The offer is published on the landing page for the Ulysseus Traineeship Programme and all the offers are promoted through Ulysseus dissemination channels (social media, newsletter Match4Coop etc.).



Students with interest in particular offer apply via the website and the provider is notified by email notification. Further communication between applied participants and the provider and the subsequent selection of students for the traineeship is fully within the competence of the traineeship provider.

The Ulysseus European University, as the programme organiser, will expect the provider to:

  • anonymous statistical information about the trainee,
  • traineeship report,
  • questionnaire with traineeship evaluation,
  • confirmation of the traineeship for the participant.

Samples of the necessary documents are available on the Ulysseus Traineeship Programme website.

Address questions, suggestions and comments about the Ulysseus Traineeship programme of the Ulysseus European University to traineeships@ulysseus.eu.