Virtually broadening horizons – making the Ulysseus mobility experience accessible via VR technology

READY, IMMERSE AND GO! Explore the forefront of international mobility with RIGO’s advanced Virtual Reality (VR) platform. Immerse yourself in a world where innovation meets accessibility.

The project crafts a VR platform, a playground for immersive virtual scenarios that will transport students and teachers to new horizons without leaving their comfort zone.

The RIGO VR platform will host immersive virtual scenarios, providing an innovative and accessible international mobility experience. Beyond the destination, our virtual scenarios are powerful tools designed to hone the skills needed for navigating a global, digital world. RIGO is a catalyst for Ulysseus, increasing participation in various mobility experiences and enhancing employability for students and teachers alike.

Join us on this journey into the future of international mobility, where innovation, accessibility, and empowerment converge

VR and the Ulysseus Mobility Experience

The Université Côte d’Azur, the Technical University of Košice, MCI – The Entrepreneurial School, and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences are jointly developing an innovative VR platform to foster and alleviate the international mobility experience of the Ulysseus European University.

The Ulysseus mobility experience is a physical or virtual exchange or a combination of these two formats between two or more Ulysseus partner universities. It connects students, academics and/or nonacademic staff in new and innovative ways. VR plays an important role in facilitating climate-responsible mobility.

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RIGO Objectives

1 - Digital Transformation

Immersive scenarios help to tackle the challenges of international experiences

Venturing into the realm of digital transformation, our project is focused on enhancing digital readiness, resilience, and capacity. At its core, we’re embarking on an exciting journey to revolutionize how students, trainees, and apprentices prepare for international mobility using cutting-edge virtual reality.


2 - Innovative Education

Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices.

Igniting a spark of creativity in learning and teaching methodologies, our project partners are dedicated to advancing the digital transformation of their universities by integrating cutting-edge digital tools into the training and learning experiences of students.

Virtual Reality, a groundbreaking learning practice already making waves in fields like medicine and real estate, is set to take center stage in our experimentation. RIGO explores the potential of this transformative technology, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the skills and abilities of students, trainees, and apprentices. Step into the future of education!

3 - Inclusive & Diverse Education

Championing inclusion and diversity across education, training, youth, and sport

Our focus is on leveling the playing field with VR. Immersive scenarios will revolutionize the preparation of students, trainees, and apprentices, ensuring that those facing socio-economic challenges or physical disabilities can access international experiences more easily.

While some students have grown up with overseas adventures, not everyone shares the same reality. For those with limited economic opportunities or disabilities, the experience of student life abroad has remained distant. RIGO’s virtual experiences will bridge the gap, empowering individuals to acquire skills that might otherwise be out of reach. Welcome to a future of inclusive international mobility!



Oct 23

RIGO kick-off meeting

A collaborative gathering of project members took place at the Université Côte d’Azur in the picturesque city of Nice, France. This kick-off event was strategically orchestrated to acquaint participants with the overarching objectives, planned activities, and budgeting of the project. The meeting provided a platform for the formal introduction of the diverse teams involved, creating a deeper understanding of the collective expertise and contributions each team brings to the collaborative effort.

Feb 24

Co-creation workshops

In the initial months of 2024, co-creation workshops are executed across all collaborating institutions. These interactive workshops engage international students in a dynamic setting where they actively participate in the formulation of virtual scenarios intended for integration into the virtual reality (VR) platform. This collaborative effort serves as a crucial step in the development process, ensuring that the resulting VR experiences are not only relevant but also reflective of diverse perspectives from the global student community.

Aug 24

Design and implementation of VR platform

Drawing upon insights gathered from the co-creation design thinking workshops, the virtual reality (VR) platform goes into the design and development phase. The implementation process is guided by the expertise of professionals from the Technical University of Košice, who actively apply their wealth of knowledge to bring the VR platform to fruition.

Mar 25

VR platform prototyping and testing

Within an iterative process, the progress and usability of the platform undergo firsthand testing. This involves a systematic and repetitive approach where the platform’s functionalities are revaluated, allowing for real-time assessments and refinements to enhance its overall VR platform dissemination events performance and user experience.

Jun 25

VR platform dissemination events

At specifically organized events, the VR platform will be presented in all four partnering countries and institutions. The aim is to communicate the learnings and potential of VR for international mobility in educational settings to a wider public.

Jun 25

Final partner meeting

A final in person meeting will be held towards the end of the project. By recapitulating learnings and results from the process and the project, future collaboration of partners will be strengthened.

About RIGO

RIGO – READY, IMMERSE, GO! Immersive VR Experience for International Mobility is a project to foster the Ulysseus Mobility Experience priority and serves as a satellite project for Ulysseus.

RIGO has received funding from European Union’s Erasmus+ programme under the grant agreement No E10224899. The views and opinions expressed in this communication are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.