Ulysseus European University Alliance Expands Global Reach Through Strategic Collaborations and Science Diplomacy Initiatives

Ulysseus European University Alliance Expands Global Reach Through Strategic Collaborations and Science Diplomacy Initiatives

In a strategic move towards fostering international collaboration, Ulysseus European University is extending its reach beyond Europe, forging connections with universities worldwide. This initiative acknowledges the necessity of global partnerships to maintain European universities’ competitiveness. The alliance has transitioned from conceptualization to practical implementation, forming strategic alliances to drive innovation and research on a global scale.  

On April 24, Ulysseus European University unveiled its strategic endeavor to extend its reach beyond Europe and establish connections with universities worldwide at the conference “Beyond Europe: Joining European Universities Alliances as R&I International Partners”. This online conference was hosted by the MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® as part of Compass, a satellite project and flagship for the Ulysseus Alliance R&I agenda and strategy. 

Recognizing the indispensable role of global collaboration in maintaining and enhancing European universities’ global competitiveness, the alliance has transitioned from conceptualization to practical implementation, focusing on forming strategic alliances globally. 

Science Diplomacy: Catalyst for International Collaboration 

A pivotal aspect of this event was the spotlight on science diplomacy’s significance in fostering international research and innovation collaboration. Acknowledging the complexity of challenges too immense for individual entities to tackle alone, the conference underscored the necessity of collective action and resource pooling. Insights from Charlotte Ringus of the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance shed light on the alliance’s grassroots efforts and strides in strengthening science diplomacy within Europe.   

Discussion also revolved around the formation and evolution of an informal alliance comprising three research projects, aiming to establish legal status and boasting 32 institutional members. Tracing the origins of science diplomacy, the conference delineated its multidimensional nature and emphasized the role of universities as diplomatic spokespersons. Efforts to develop a science diplomacy agenda were highlighted, along with capacity-building initiatives and the launch of the Utopia Review publication. 

Expanding Collaboration Beyond Borders 

Another key focus was the expansion of collaboration beyond the European University Alliance, highlighting partnerships with institutions like the University of Danang and the University of Laval. These partnerships underscore the alliance’s commitment to global outreach and inclusive collaboration, showcasing successful collaboration models, initiatives for capacity-building, and interdisciplinary research efforts. 

The conference concluded with expressions of gratitude for collaboration opportunities and emphasized the transformative potential of global collaboration in higher education. It highlighted the importance of diversity, academic integrity, and the pivotal role of students and researchers in driving innovation and collaboration. Looking ahead, the European University Alliance reaffirmed its commitment to scaling up collaboration efforts, expanding joint programs, and creating more opportunities for students and researchers worldwide. 

With a strategic approach, a commitment to science diplomacy, and a focus on fostering collaboration and capacity-building, the European University Alliance is poised to lead the charge towards a more interconnected and innovative future in higher education. 


COMPASS: Leading Ulysseus to become a European University excellence model through Research and Innovation is a Horizon 2020 project and the flagship for Ulysseus R&I agenda and strategy. This action, which is part of the Science with and for Society programme of Horizon 2020 (SwafS), will facilitate Ulysseus’ transformation process towards becoming a European university through a common R&I strategy that will in turn consolidate its Innovation Ecosystem. 

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