UlysseusCitiesMD combines specific and interdisciplinary training in the areas of Energy, Transport, Mobility and Smart Cities with complementary training offered at each partner university and training in high level digital skills, languages, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship as key transversal skills to provide solutions to global problems.


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Registration dates 01 December 2023 23 September 2024
Course dates 01 October 2024 30 September 2026
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General overview

UlysseusCitiesMD is a 120 ECTS study programme, divided into two years (4 semesters, 30 ETCS each), with three main parts (the “Core”, the “flexible semester, and the “getting into the sector semester”) and a previous “Fundamentals” 0 step.

From the structural point of view, UlysseusCitiesMD offers flexible and modular path-ways, with embedded mobility (physical, virtual or blended) and traineeships, which will be tailored to the students’ preferences for research, innovation or professional activity.

Degree awarded

At the completion of the study programme and the student will receive a physical fully accredited joint degree diploma in Master studies by USE, MCI and UCA, with full legal value in all EU countries, and its joint diploma supplement, including all the information regarding the programme, the courses that have been completed and the different grading systems.

Participation costs

3000€/year for Programme Countries Students

7500 €/year for Partner Countries Students

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Employment opportunities

The new city concept and its smart management will need new professional profiles highly qualified in technical terms and with a strong transversal component, bridging with areas that are directly related to such technical capabilities but also other knowledge areas that enrich the professional and make them able to make more comprehensive decisions in relation to the smart cities of the future. Through the “Career Guidance Programme”, UlysseusCitiesMD helps students to identify multiple career pathways, aligning learning outcomes to industry, business, academia and civil society stakeholder needs, and fostering of a broad industry- and research-ready skillset.

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Application, selection and admission procedures


With UlysseusCitiesMD mobility scheme, a student will have a minimum of one and a maximum of three periods of physical mobility (6 months), with the possibility of taking online courses from other partner universities.

Student’s journey.

Study programme

YEAR 1 – The Core
YEAR 2 – The “Flexible semester” & the “Getting into the sector semester”

Full programme and information about subject on the study programme webpage.

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