Ulysseus’ Horizon 2020 project COMPASS kicks off

The alliance’s members held a meeting aimed at introducing the project objectives, activities, and financial aspects, and presenting the team.

Ulysseus’ Horizon 2020 project COMPASS kicks off

The Horizon 2020 project COMPASS: Leading Ulysseus to become a European University excellence model through Research and Innovation kicked off on June 18, 2021 after a meeting of the six Ulysseus European University partner universities — the University of Seville (Spain), the University of Genoa (Italy), Université Côte d’Azur (France), the Technical University of Košice (Slovakia), MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® (Austria), and the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland). The alliance was awarded 2 million euros to facilitate Ulysseus’ transformation into a European University through a common R&I strategy by consolidating its Innovation Ecosystem. The project officially started in June 1, 2021.

“COMPASS is the flagship for Ulysseus’ R&I agenda and strategy,” said Ulysseus General Coordinator Carmen Vargas. “Through this action, which is part of the Science with and for Society programme of Horizon 2020, we will boost synergies between the European Research Area and the European Education Area within the Ulysseus European University.”

The meeting held last week was aimed at introducing the project objectives, activities, and financial aspects, as well as presenting the team. Amongst these objectives are the following:

  • building upon Ulysseus long-term joint strategic vision to become a model of excellence for research and innovation;
  • supporting the development of a strategy and concrete action plan in order to position Ulysseus as an institutional transformation model at research and innovation level; and
  • reinforcing Ulysseus joint long-term vision for research and innovation to drive systemic, structural and sustainable impact at all levels of the institutions involved.

More specifically, during the next three years the alliance will develop a common Ulysseus research and innovation agenda and action plan, including activities to boost and improve Open Science practices — especially the digital ones —; transforming Ulysseus Innovation Hubs to be accredited as European Research Area (ERA) Hubs; promoting Responsible Research and Innovation including a responsible perspective for gender issues, ethics, public engagement, and science education in R&I; making Ulysseus more attractive to worldwide talented and promising researchers, including the development of an Ulysseus research career; and boosting strategic collaboration with other institutions outside the alliance, making Ulysseus a world-wide European University model for R&I.

About Ulysseus

Ulysseus is one of the 41 European Universities selected by the European Commission to become the universities of the future. Led by the University of Seville together with five other universities in Europe (the University of Genoa, Italy; Université Côte d’Azur, France; the Technical University of Košice, Slovakia; MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®, Austria; and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland), the project will allow students, researchers and graduates to move freely between universities, carry out internships in companies and start high-impact research projects.