Ulysseus Highlights the Transformative Power of AI at European Researchers’ Night 2023 

Ulysseus captivates the public with enlightening AI mini-interviews with scientists from the alliance.

Ulysseus Highlights the Transformative Power of AI at European Researchers’ Night 2023 

On 29 September 2023, the European Researchers’ Night illuminated the continent with its annual celebration of science, engaging the public in an inspiring and entertaining manner. This year, Ulysseus participated in this continent-wide celebration by highlighting the significant benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through a series of insightful mini-interviews with leading experts.

The European Researchers’ Night aimed to demystify science and foster a deeper connection between researchers and the public. It showcased outstanding research projects and encouraged young people to pursue careers in science. This year, Ulysseus focused on the transformative power of AI, with experts from four partner universities addressing critical questions about how AI is enhancing various aspects of our daily lives.

Throughout the day on 29 September, Ulysseus released interviews featuring these experts, who delved into specific ways AI is benefiting society:

  • Stephan Schlögl, Professor of Human-Centered Computing at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School, discussed how AI can help companies become more sustainable (10:00 AM ECT).
  • Stéphanie Lopez, Data Scientist and Principal Investigator of LungScreenAI at Université Côte d’Azur, explained how AI can detect early stages of medical conditions (12:00 PM ECT).
  • Javier Pino Lucena, Associate Professor at the University of Seville, explored how AI can enhance the daily lives of citizens in smart cities (4:00 PM ECT).
  • Umair Ali Khan, Senior Researcher at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, addressed how AI can personalize education for students (6:00 PM ECT).

These interviews were made available on Ulysseus’ YouTube channel, as well as its social media platforms including LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook. This initiative was part of COMPASS, an effort to make science accessible and engaging for everyone.

The European Researchers’ Night 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing how AI is shaping our future and making a positive impact on our lives. The event underscored the importance of science in everyday life and demonstrated Ulysseus’ commitment to bringing science closer to the public. For those who missed the live event, the interviews remain accessible online. Science is for everyone—let’s continue to discover it together!


COMPASS: Leading Ulysseus to become a European University excellence model through Research and Innovation is a Horizon 2020 project and the flagship for Ulysseus R&I agenda and strategy. This action, which is part of the Science with and for Society programme of Horizon 2020 (SwafS), will facilitate Ulysseus’ transformation process towards becoming a European university through a common R&I strategy that will in turn consolidate its Innovation Ecosystem.