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Application, Selection and Admission procedures

All applications for admission will be submitted online, through the official form published on this webpage.

Please read carefully the instructions and submit your application following the link underneath.

Registration is open until 23 September.

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Student's Profile of CitiesMD

For whom is Ulysseus CitiesMD designed for?

  • People who intend to work or further research in the field of smart cities.
  • Candidates should have a scientist/technical/engineer or professional background aligned with the programme, so they can follow smoothly the lectures. This alignment is both an eligibility an evaluation criterion.
  • UlysseusCitiesMD welcomes students from technical backgrounds such as Energy Engineering, Industrial Technology Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Robotics, Electric Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil and Building Engineering.
  • Students from degrees such as Physics, Computational Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other similar fields, will also be taken in consideration.

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What knowledge is required to access CitiesMD?

  • Basic knowledge of math; multivariate differential calculus, linear algebra, statistical methematics.
  • Basic knowledge of electric circuits and electrical machines: DC, single-phase AC, three-phase AC, DC/AC, DC/DC, AC/DC, transformer, induction motor, synchronous generator.
  • Basic knowledge of signal processing.
  • Basic knowledge of dynamic systems modelling and automatic control.
  • Basic knowledge of heat transfer, heat exchangers and thermal engineering.
  • Basic notions about ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Knowledge about basic data types and data representation.
  • Programming skills and basic knowledge of programming languages, operating systems and network communications.


More about Learning Outcomes

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Fees and Funding Opportunities

Participation Fees

  • 3000€/year for Students from Erasmus+ Programme Countries
  • 7500 €/year for other countries students

Student participation fees are defined as all costs related to and including tuition fees, library and laboratory costs and any other mandatory cost related to the students’ participation in CitiesMD, including student’s insurance, support in administrative and organisational issues by the consortium partners, costs for enrolment at the consortium partner’s institutions, all examinations and the issuing of the final diploma and diploma supplement.

Student participation fees do not cover accommodation, travel to and from partner universities and travel documents (visa, passport) included within the framework of the mobility programme or any costs beyond the standard duration of the degree programme such as re-examination fees. Any costs beyond the standard duration of the degree programme shall be levied at the standard rate of each Partner Institution involved. In case of failure, late graduation and need of new enrolment, the extra costs of this enrolment will be fixed by the host institution and paid by the student by his/ her own funds.

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What funding opportunities do I have?

UlyssusCitiesMD does not currently offer any scholarships. However, you may apply for another type of study funding for which you may be eligible. In addition to the national scholarships in your country, we also recommend you to search in advance for other options of potential scholarships in the following sources:


All you need for your application

In the following paragraphs you will be able to find the general requirements to access CitiesMD.

  1. To have a university qualification corresponding to a bachelor’s degree (EQF level 6) in one of the relevant smart-city-related fields.
  2. Minimum English level B2, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


The following supporting documents will be uploaded into the application system:

1. Copy of a valid ID document:Please note that for EU-citizens in the Schengen space an ID card may be sufficient to travel among the countries involved in UlysseusCitiesMD, while others need a valid passport. As a consequence, non-EU applicants are required to upload a copy of their passport and EU-applicants may upload either a copy of their passport or a copy of their ID card.
2. Copy of the official university first cycle qualification from a HEI (Bachelor-EQF level 6, or equivalent) and transcript of academic records. Please read the section titled «Important considerations about your qualifications on the next column (*). If the original diplomas and/or transcript of records are not written in English, they must be accompanied by a translation into English.
3. Proof of B2 (CEFR) English level (accepted certificates are University of Cambridge Certificates, TOEFL, IELTS, ACLES, among others).
4. A complete and updated curriculum vitae in Europass format in English.
5. Motivation letter Motivation letter, indicating the student’s background and their interest in pursuing this master’s degree. The letter must be in English and no longer than one page, indicating the student’s background and why he/she is interested in pursuing this master’s degree.
6. [OPTIONAL] Recommendation letters from up to two referees: Please note that the letter(s) should be signed by a referee and include their position and title, institution name and contact details. Typical examples of referees you can ask for a recommendation letter: a professor that lectured you in some course, a professor that supervised a project of yours, a work manager/employer.
7. [OPTIONAL] Any other documents characterizing the applicant’s credentials, like research memories, mathematical competition diplomas, etc.

(*) Important considerations about your qualifications

  • For students coming from EHAE universities (including all Ulysseus university partners), bachelor’s degrees will be automatically recognized, according to the Lisbon convention and the Ulysseus Academic Recognition Agreement.
  • Students with a bachelor-equivalent qualification issued by a non-EHEA HEI must provide a document issued by their university that certifies the level of studies and stating that the diploma allows the student to access Master studies in the student’s university country. Students will be required to present officially certified copies and translations to English of their diplomas and grades, and an official certificate of the ECTS content of the subjects and of their position within their corresponding cohort. Successful admission to UlysseusCitiesMD does not imply that the applicant’s previous qualification has been validated to a comparable EHEA qualification, entitling rights or granted recognition for any other purposes than access to the Master’s degree program.
  • If a candidate is in the process of obtaining the Bachelor’s degree, the applicant can apply for the admission. The applicant must present a letter, written by their university, stating the expected date of graduation and a detailed transcript of records.

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Selection Criteria

After closing the deadline for applications, the UlysseusCitiesMD Selection Committee will evaluate them.

It is the responsibility of the UlysseusCitiesMD Secretariat in Seville, as coordinating institution, to process all documents sent by the applicants of each intake and to make them available to all members of the selection committee for evaluation.

Ranking criteria

Applications will be ranked according to the following criteria, rated on a scale of 0 to 60:

1. Academic results of the student (typical requirement: Grade Point Average) (up to 20 points).
2. Relevant work experience related to the field of the Master programme and other merits, as stated in the CV (up to 15 points).
3. Motivation letter (up to 5 points).
4. Recommendation letters (up to 5 points).
5. English level +B2 and/or knowledge of national languages of the Ulysseus consortium (minimum B2) (up to 5 points).
6. Other merits according to the criteria of the Selection Committee, including linguistic and cultural diversity, inclusiveness, and gender equality (up to 10 points).

Admission Procedures

A Step-by-step guide for the admission process

1) Evaluation of Documentation

Each applicant’s motivation statement, recommendation letters, and CV will be evaluated independently by three different members of the Selection Committee to avoid individual bias.

2) First round

After this first evaluation round, the best 80 applicants will be selected for the second evaluation round, which will consist on a personal interview with a member of the selection committee, in person or on-line. In this interview, the basic scientific background of the applicant, and their transversal skills, motivation, communication skills, and English level will be evaluated (up to 40 points). This score will be added to the candidate’s first round score to make up the candidate’s final score.

3) Second round

Finally, the Committee will formulate a proposal of 50 candidates who will be accepted into the Master, as well as a reserve list. As soon as the list is approved, all students (accepted or not) will be informed by e-mail by the Joint Master Secretariat.

3) Contacting phase

Each accepted student will also be notified by an official e-letter expressly when the student’s admission to the Master programme is confirmed. The letter will be accompanied by a brief description of the master’s Course, with express reference to its joint character and organization and any other information that may help to complete the paperwork necessary to obtain visas, official permits, etc.

4) Accepting your spot in CitiesMD

The student must confirm their commitment to pursuing the programme within 15 days from the reception of the admission e-letter by sending a signed commitment document via e-mail.
To ensure the clearness and transparency of the selection process, every applicant will have the right to know their final position according to the following scheme:

  • Group I: Applications of very good quality (score higher than 75 points out of 100).
  • Group II: Applications of good quality (score between 60 and 75 points out of 100).
  • Group III: Applications of weak quality (score less than 60 points out of 100).

5) Enrolling in CitiesMD

Enrolment will take place right after being admitted in the programme. This task will be performed by the admin team of the CitiesMD programme. ​Please note that students should follow the instructions and fees deadlines established by the University of Seville.

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Access & Admissions Calendar

CitiesMD Calendar

The following calendar is publicly available to guarantee the transparency during the access and admission process:

• Publication of the call: 1 December
• Submission of candidatures by students: 1 December 2023 – 1 April 2024
• Anonymized publication of preliminary list of students accessing the selection process (I.e., complying with the access requisites)/non-accepted students: 7 April
• Period for the submission of missing documents by non-accepted students: 19 April
• Anonymized publication of final list of students accessing the selection process (I.e., com-plying with the access requisites)/non-accepted students: 24 April
• Assessment of accepted candidatures by the Selection Committee: 8 May
• Interviews with pre-selected students: 17 May
• Anonymized publication of preliminary list of students admitted to the programme: 22 May
• Acceptance period for admitted students: 31 May
• Anonymized publication of final list of students admitted to the programme: 5 June

Beginning of the academic year: October




Promoting academic recognition in Ulysseus

The Ulysseus Alliance has defined a “Framework Agreement on Academic Recognition” with the aim of reducing existing administrative barriers and obstacles in order to promote academic recognition of qualifications and credits earned in any Ulysseus university. The overarching objective is to promote flexibility of learning and mobility of students, with smooth academic recognition based on mutual trust between Institutions and the European principles on higher education and its quality assurance, underpinned by the objective of equality and transparency of processes.


Equal Opportunities Policy

How we foster diversity, inclusiveness and gender equality in Ulysseus

Ulysseus CitiesMD is committed to foster diversity, inclusiveness and gender equality, trough specific admission measures for all categories of disadvantaged or discriminated groups (ethnic minorities, people with migration background, or with disability, people from poor families, or students of low qualified parents, among others).

This policy is promoted in a three-fold approach:

• The specific score given within the selection criteria (up to 10 points)
• The Selection Committee will have the right to reserve a 5% quota of every first-year intake to promote diversity, inclusiveness, and gender equality.
• Ulysseus CitiesMD will facilitate recognition of qualifications and prior learning to students with different cultural backgrounds, in order to improve social inclusion and diversity.