Ulysseus Russian Beginner 2

Welcome to continue studying Russian! You will deepen your knowledge of Russian basic vocabulary and structures. You will also further advance cultural and intercultural skills. This course is self-paced and requires independent work with scheduled assignments.

Registration dates 04 September 2023 20 October 2023
Course dates 23 October 2023 09 February 2024
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Ulysseus Russian Beginner 2

Learning outcomes

A student who has completed this course will be able to

  • handle everyday life and work situations orally and in writing
  • communicate in the Russian-speaking countries being aware of their unique cultural characteristics
  • take into account cultural diversity

Course content

  • handling border crossing situations on a train
  • ordering a taxi and conducting business over the phone
  • talking about weather
  • conducting business at a hotel, café, restaurant
  • making purchases
  • talking about yourself and your family, as well as discussing leisure time
  • deepening one’s own cultural knowledge of the Russian-speaking countries and their cultures