Ulysseus Finnish Beginner 1

This course is aimed at everyone who is interested in learning the very basics of Finnish language and getting to know Finland.

The course is especially designed for students who live outside of Finland. This course is self-paces and requires independent work with scheduled assignments on Moodle.

Registration dates 21 June 2024 17 October 2024
Course dates 21 October 2024 13 December 2024
Registration is open
Ulysseus Finnish Beginner 1

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing the course, the student:
• can introduce oneself and give basic information about oneself
• can understand and use basic expressions and simple sentences in routine everyday situations
• is able to deal with some everyday social situations and handle simple shopping situations
• is aware of the basic characteristics of the Finnish language, culture and habits
• has basic knowledge about Finland as a country.

In this course, we are working towards level A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR.

Course content

  •  basics of pronunciation
  •  greetings and basic phrases
  • numbers and prices
  •  weather
  •  food and drink
  • basic structures and vocabulary for everyday needs
  • basic information about Finland and Finnish culture