Successful e-commerce firms have business models that are able to leverage the unique qualities of the Internet, the Web, and the mobile platform, provide customers real value, develop highly effective and efficient operations, avoid legal and social obstacles that can harm the firm, and produce profitable business results. Additionally, successful business models must scale most of times. 

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Course dates 23 January 2024 06 February 2024
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Learning outcomes

This course will give you an overview with a clear focus on eCommerce on what is a business model, and how you can tell if a firm’s business model is going to produce a profit. 

Course content

The lesson on E-Commerce comprises the following areas:

  • Key components of eCommerce business models  
  • eCommerce business models (B2C)
  • eCommerce business models (B2B) 
  • Key business concepts and strategies applicable to e-commerce. 

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