Digital Ethics

Digital science and technology are at the center of major economic and social changes. Therefore, we need to think about the ethical aspects of making and using these tools. These are the topics we address in this course. 

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Course dates 04 December 2023 22 January 2024
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Digital Ethics

Learning outcomes

Students are able to recognize ethical problems in a complex global and technological environment, analyze and evaluate them from different perspectives. They learn central ethical categories and concepts from different contemporary historical and social contexts. They are able to understand the cultural dimensions of different values and norms, in particular with regard to technology proliferation and adoption, and discuss them critically in English. 

Students understand concepts of important ethical decision-making models and measure their own moral actions against these. 

Course content

  • Values, norms and culture
  • Ethics theories and History
  • Concepts of Technology Ethics
  • Modernist and post-modernist perspective
  • Ethics of algorithms ad data
  • Ethics of practices in IT
  • Data and AI Ethics Frameworks 

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