Ulysseus Chinese for Beginners 2

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and is used in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The Chinese written language (漢字) is also used in Japanese as well as in ancient Korea. About 60-65% of modern Korean words come from the Chinese language.


China has grown into a technological giant with a huge market and is the world’s number one nation in GDP when counted with purchasing power parity (PPP). Now more than ever, learning the Chinese language can give you a competitive advantage in your future career.

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Course dates 15 January 2024 15 March 2024
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Ulysseus Chinese for Beginners 2

Learning outcomes

After successful completion the student will learn diversified vocabularies and grammar skills in spoken language expressions and master the basic skills of reading and writing Chinese characters. The student is able to obtain survival level language skills in everyday life, traveling and work situations with a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and ways of living.

The student will be well placed to transfer the studies to business Chinese and apply for a student exchange at a Chinese-speaking university in numerous mega cities in China, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia or Taiwan ect.

Course content

  • advanced level learning and practice of the Pinyin system
  • telling the time, hobbies and everyday routines
  •  telling about one’s family
  • survival level language skills in everyday life situations in a tee house, café, bar, restaurant, shop, etc.
  • survival level language skills in traveling situations such as buying train and plane tickets, asking for directions, etc.
  • grammar rules for creating different types of sentences
  • different kinds of question sentences and their answers
  • advanced level understanding and interpreting of complicated Chinese characters

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