BIP Eco-Nomads à la plage. Theories, Architectures and Landscapes of Travel

Eco-Nomads à la plage intends to be an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with travel and the theories, architectures and landscapes that animate it, to to intercept their logics and act as possible nomads. The course is intended to be the first workshop of a cycle entitled “Theories, Architectures and Landscapes of Travel”. The course is addressed to all those interested in the topics of travel and tourism.

Registration dates 29 April 2024 27 May 2024
Course dates 08 July 2024 12 July 2024
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BIP Eco-Nomads à la plage. Theories, Architectures and Landscapes of Travel

Learning outcomes

  • Following this course, students will be able to:
  • Better interface with other disciplines in the framework of Ulysseus programme
  • Acquire a theoretical-critical attitude to the ephimeral architecture project
  • Developing proposals for coastal tourist areas
  • Reading and mapping sea territories
  • Thinking about spaces and theories of sustainable tourism

Course Outline

The course will focus on the spaces of travel and tourism. Each group (as interdisciplinary as possible) will develop its own project proposal for the coastal area of Sestri Levante, the fourth most visited town in the Genoa metropolitan area. In 2022, Sestri Levante had a population of around 17,000 inhabitants and welcomed 465,000 overnight stays. The course aims to develop a debate on the ratio between tourist sites and city spaces, between the beach and architecture.

Course content

  • Coastal Mapping
  • Tourism and travel theory
  • Leisure time spaces
  • Travel literature
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Ephemeral architecture


Day 1-3

DAY 1 / August 26 (Sestri Levante)

10:30 Introduction
11:00 Group formation
11:30 Visit to Sestri Levante
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Site inspection in Sestri Levante
18:00 Instant exercise
19:00 Aperitif on the beach

DAY 2 / August 27 (Genoa)

09:30 Workshop activities
13.:00 Lunch
14:30 Workshop activities
18:00 Lecture TBD

DAY 3 / August 28 (Genoa)

09:30 Workshop activities
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Lecture TBD
16:30 Workshop activities

Day 4-5

DAY 4 / August 29 (Genoa)

09:30 Workshop activities
Workshop activities

DAY 5  / August 30 (Sesti Levante)

09:30 Setting up the final exhibition
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Presentation of work
19:00 Aperitif on the beach
22:00 Disco party

Virtual Component/Part

  • International conference on spaces, theories and narratives of travel. Date to be
    specified, presumably in June
  • The results of this session will be included in the workshop book


  • Participants should be PhD students or young scientists in the fields of study such as Economics, Regional Science, Architecture, Urban studies, Geography. 
  • Participants should be fluent in English, minimum level B2. 
  • Participants should be eager to work in teams and enthusiasts for solving actual city problems. 


Application Process

Send a CV to the professors in charge of each university by 27 May.

Academic Team

  • Prof. Alberto Bertagna (Unige)
  • Richard Kitta (Technical University ok Kosice)
  • Mario Passos Ascencao (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences)
  • Dr. Andrea Pastorello (Unige)
  • Prof. Carlos Plaza Morillo (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Prof. Vittorio Pizzigoni (Unige)
  • Prof. Julia Rey Perez (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Irena Rajkovic (University of Montenegro)
  • Dr. Giulia Sola (Unige)

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