BIP Digital Soft Skills for Educators

The Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) on Digital Soft Skills under the Erasmus+ program offers a unique opportunity to enhance essential digital competencies for educators. This comprehensive program combines on-site and online learning
experiences, promoting interactive engagement and collaborative skills development. The BIP circles around four themes related to Digital Soft Skills: “Developing Me,” “Engaging with Others,” “Acting Now,” and “Creating the Future.” See more details about the programme in the next page.

Registration dates 18 March 2024 02 April 2024
Course dates 17 June 2024 21 June 2024
Registration is now closed
BIP Digital Soft Skills for Educators

Course content

An overview of Digital Soft Skills will be given to participants through an introductory MOOC which covers the basics of the topic. After completing it, participants should be well prepared to move on to the on-site contents.

On-site contents 

Developing Me:

  • Digital literacy
  • Digital identity
  • Digitalwell-being
  • Digital safety

Engaging with Others:

  • Workshops on Digital Innovation
  • Digital collaboration
  • Digital influencing
  • Leadership
  • Digital communication



Acting Now:

  • Critical thinking and analytical thinking in the digital space
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education

Creating the Future:

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Skills for Sustainable
  • Development
  • Design & Future thinking
  • Extended Reality in Education


Day 1-3

DAY 1 / June 17

Welcome session / Developing Me

9:30 Welcome Address

10:00 Plenary talks

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Workshop about Digital Literacy, Digital Identity, Footprint and Well-being.

DAY 2 / June 18

Engaging with Others

9:30 The importance of Digital Innovation in Education

11:30 Communication Tools & Adaptation

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Workshop about Accessibility & Inclusion with Digital Tools / Collaboration Tools and Prioritization

DAY 3 / June 19

Learning / Adaptability

10:00 Plenary talks

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 International students’ digital experience: mitigating the ‘digital shock’

15:00 “Beyond Blended”: exploring space and place, time and pace in curriculum
and learning design


Day 4-5

DAY 4 / June 20

Creating the Future / Acting Now

9:30 Artificial Intelligence in Education

11:30 Extended Reality in Education

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Workshop about Problem-solving and creativity

DAY 5 / June 21


10:oo Roundtable

12:30 Lunch break

14:00 Interactive networking activity

16:00 Closing of the event

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