BIP: Accessible Tourism in Protected Areas

The course is open to all Ulysseus students, both bachelor and master levels, who are interested in learning more about accessibility in the context of tourism and in developing accessible/inclusive solutions for private and public stakeholders. It will cover the fields of travel and tourism, business development, urban and natural planning, politics and sociology, and other related fields.

Registration dates 01 April 2024 15 May 2024
Course dates 15 July 2024 19 July 2024
Registration is now closed
BIP: Accessible Tourism in Protected Areas


The course will include lectures by academic staff on topics of tourism, natural and urban planning, technology, accessibility, business development, and other.
The lectures will be complemented by visits in the Parco regionale naturale delle Alpi Liguri and guest lectures from the industry and associations.
The students will also have sessions for team work and peer feedback.



  • Accessibility contexts in tourism from the perspective of disability types (physical and cognitive, visible, invisible, permanent, temporary, etc.)
  • Customer journey (from planning to post-trip reporting) – main stages and segments, seen from accessibility perspective
  • Excursions as experience for all (disable – pregnant – old people etc.) residents and visitors
  • Natural resources management for tourism – infrastructure, services, technology solutions


Applied theory 

  • Best practices from natural parks, areas and outdoors activities
  • Best practices from transport (air, train, bus, taxi, boat)
  • Best practices from accommodation (hotels, apartments, other)
  • Best practices from heritage (museums, sites, etc)


  • Developmental task from a commissioning partner connected to developing an accessibility solution
  • Team work sessions, coaching
  • Presentation sessions, feedback


Team assignment: Developing Accessible Tourism, written report (50%)
The course will include a team assignment (a written report) to be submitted within the 20th June and a team assignment (solving a case/presentation) to prepare during the on-site period.
The first team assignment is related to a case of best practice on accessibility in natural parks around the world. The team composed with 4 students has to write a report following the given template (we will furnish the template)
The second team assignment consists of a study on a topic presented during the stay in Imperia by the involved stakeholders. The team will present the study and the obtained results in the last of the course.

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