Webinar: From research to entrepreneurship… It can work!

Webinar: From research to entrepreneurship… It can work!

What does it mean to start an entrepreneurial activity? How to combine it with research? Join this interactive webinar to know more about entrepreneurship and get started with you entrepreneurial activity.

This webinar is hosted by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciencies based in Helsinki (Finland).

About this webinar

From research to entrepreneurship… IT CAN WORK!  

 What does it mean to start an entrepreneurial activity? How to combine it with research? 

Join this interactive webinar to know more about entrepreneurship and get started with you entrepreneurial activity. Contents: 

  • Transferable skills (from research to entrepreneurship) 
  • False myths on entrepreneurship you should be aware about. 
  • Where to find support & guidance (people, resources, tools) 
  • A real witness from the researcher entrepreneur Miroslav Michalko, CSO from Ceelabs 

It doesn’t matter if you have no clue about this subject or are already shaping your innovative idea; this webinar is for any researchers or curious minds interested in starting an entrepreneurial career. 

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This event is organized by Ulysseus, the network of european universities. 

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Speakers & Presentations

Silvia Marchini

Silvia Marchini

Head of Open Innovation Programs at the Innovation Centre for EntrepreneurshipUniversité Côte d’Azur

Graduated in design for product innovation at the Politecnic of Milan, Silvia Marchini is an innovation expert and consultant supporting cultural change in international companies. Furthermore she collaborated with the technology transfer of the CERN Reserach Center and of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.

In 2021 she moved to Nice, France to work at the Innovation Centre of Entrepreneurship of UCA where she started to support students and researchers’entrepreneurial projects.

Henrieta Sanislova Dunne

Henrieta Dunne

Commercialisation Officer – Technical University in Košice 

Henrieta works at the University Science Park TECHNICOM in Kosice as an Innovation Officer where she supports startup and business incubation activities and takes part in innovation projects. She worked in the UK for 17 years predominantly in early-stage business support and in national and international innovation programmes. She worked for Oxford Innovation Ltd. for 5 years coordinating the activities of three business angel investment networks. In 2013, she joined a government funded Research and Technology Organisation in the Harwell Science Campus near Oxford, focused on accelerating the commercialisation of research in the area of space technologies. In 2018, she launched and managed an EU funded Business Incubation Centre to support innovative start-ups working in rocket propulsion, satellite communications, 5G, and autonomous systems. She was actively helping to connect industry and academia in order to foster collaborations and to accelerate bringing commercial products and services into the market.

Miroslav Michalko

Miroslav Michalko

CEO of CEELABS and Head of Computer Networks Laboratory @Technical University of Košice 

Miroslav Michalko is an expert in the field of Computer networks, Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity. He works as Head of the Computer Networks Laboratory at the Department of Computers and Informatics at the Technical University of Košice and has also co-founded a successful startup CEELABS with colleagues from the university, which operates in the field of smart energy solutions. He develops solutions based on artificial intelligence that help better utilize data, for example, in the area of anomaly detection in energy data or information extraction from images. He actively participates as a researcher in national and international research and innovation projects in the field of information technology.

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