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Associated Partners are regional and local authorities, businesses, and citizens who participate and contribute to both the Ulysseus long-term mission and to our regional development and to shape the future of the European Higher Education. They are involved in the co-creation and design thinking processes, in the plans and structures and in the programs of activities of Ulysseus.

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AGEL is the most successful private healthcare provider in Central Europe. It currently operates hospitals, polyclinics, a network of pharmacies, laboratories, distribution companies and other specialized medical facilities in the Czech Republic. It has been operating in Slovakia since 2006 through its subsidiary AGEL SK and operates twelve hospitals, a specialized hospital in Bratislava, an occupational health service and other companies related to the provision of health care. AGEL SK continues in Slovakia with its long-term goal of providing effective health care in economically stable medical facilities that it operates. The effort is to ensure their further development, which will be reflected in the growth of the quality of health services for the residents of the respective region. AGEL SK a.s. focuses on the development of hospitals not only as a whole, but also the expansion of care in individual fields of medicine. The company’s priority is quality, safe and high-quality healthcare. We place special emphasis on education in prevention. Continuity of treatment is an important element on the road to recovery for us. We support science, research, education, we cooperate intensively with schools and universities.

We develop formats of training, education, dissemination, communication, outreach, industrial research and -design for cutting-edge alliances or project teams who aim to advance one or more elements of the European Green Deal. Especially between regions, territories, and Brussels.


Our new NGO co-opened the 1st New European Bauhaus Festival with UvdL in June 2022 and we are a registered trademark in the Nice Classes 41 and 42 with EUIPO.

Argos is a consulting company made up of 11 people. We are dedicated to the design and development of educational, environmental and social participation projects as well as the promotion of science in order to improve our social and natural surroundings in the world we live in.

Our work includes training of teaching staff, developing teaching material and event organisation. Events include the annual “Feria de la Ciencia – Science Fair and the “Congreso Internacional sobre Investigación en la Didáctica de las Ciencias” – The International Congress of Research into the Teaching of the Sciences.

“La Feria de la ciencia” is a meeting place for research centres, universities, businesses and more than 130 educational institutions. It is held in May and is currently one of the biggest events for the promotion of science in our country with over 27000 visitors a year. If you go to this event, you will see 7000 students teaching science, and 800 teachers accompanying them.

Argos also organises the International Congress of Research into the Teaching of the Sciences, sponsored by the magazine “Enseñanza de las Ciencias”, with over 800 participants, predominantly Latin American. The next edition will be held at the University of Lisbon. As well as this, we also advise over 300 Andalusian educational facilities on the development of Environmental Education programmes with projects such as the “Red Andaluza de Ecoescuelas – Andalusian Network of Eco Schools and others, all encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and the promotion of science. All of this using learning methodologies based on research.

The Coatings division of BASF is a global expert in the development, production and marketing of innovative and sustainable automotive OEM and refinish coatings, decorative paints as well as applied surface treatments for metal, plastic and glass substrates in a wide range of industries. This portfolio is supplemented by „Beyond Paint Solutions“, which enable new applications with innovative surfaces. We create advanced performance solutions and drive performance, design and new applications to meet our partners’ needs all over the world. BASF shares skills, knowledge and resources of interdisciplinary and global teams for the benefit of customers by operating a collaborative network of sites in Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific. Besides our core business, units like the Digital Incubation Unit discovers and validates digital business models and corporate ventures for BASF’s Coatings division.

The Bezirksregierung Münster is one of five district governments in North Rhine-Westphalia. It represents the state government in the Münster administrative district. It bundles regional forces and aims to create consensus.

Bionorica research GmbH in Innsbruck (Austria) is a subsidiary of Bionorica SE (, a leading German manufacturer of herbal medicines worldwide. The business is committed to discovering and utilizing active plant ingredients for the development of rational phytopharmaceuticals. Our research is focused on analytical investigation of natural products and complex herbal mixtures.

The goal of the CNIC is to create sustainable knowledge-based industry in the Eastern Slovakia region covering i) progressive material and biomedical technologies, ii) green and clean technologies and iii) quantum and information technologies, together with a strongly related development of social fields including the silver economy and healthy lifestyle.

CEELABS is a spin-off of the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) and is based in the University Science Park TECHNICOM. CEELABS is a R&D company in the field of the Internet of Things, information technology and energy sector. The company develops solutions for the green future of cities, optimizing consumption targeting reduction of CO2 footprint.

Within the City’s Economic Development division, leading a team of ten specialists focusing on innovation and startup ecosystem development in Helsinki and the metropolitan area.


The team works closely with higher education institutions, business incubators and accelerators, financiers and other public and private sector stakeholders, to provide the best possible conditions and growth opportunities for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In terms of its size and importance in the Slovak Republic, the city of Košice ranks right after the capital Bratislava. It lies in the eastern part of Slovakia. The advantages of this location, near the borders of three states and lying on important domestic and international transport routes, translate into the preconditions for good commercial connectivity. This is significantly enhanced by the existing railway junction and airport with international status. Košice has a strong economic background, and the city creates employment opportunities for the population of the surrounding region as well as its own. The total number of registered employees in the city as a whole, the great majority work in the industrial sphere.. The education and transport sectors are also strongly represented here. The education system is significantly represented in the city, with over 45 basic schools, 10 grammar schools, 4 commercial academies, and 15 specialized secondary schools covering industrial technologies, agriculture, health care and the arts. There is also the Technical University with 9 faculties, P. J. Šafárik University with 5 faculties, the University of Economics and the University of Veterinary Medicine.

The Communauté d’agglomération de Sophia Antipolis (CASA) is the communauté d’agglomération, an intercommunal structure, centred on the city of Antibes. It is located in the Alpes-Maritimes department, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, southeastern France. It was created in 2002, and takes its name from the technology park Sophia Antipolis, the largest Technopolis in Europe.

Genoa is a local authority and is the capital of Regione Liguria, a region in northern part of Italy. Genoa’s municipality has set different goals, such as innovating the use of territory, modernize the infrastructure, regenerate the urban environment and improve the governance of the city system.


The City of Genova is actively involved in many research projects that focus on economy, employment, city management, ort and infrastructures and eco-sustainable growth, in addition to natural environment care and green mobility.

The Confederation of Employers and Industries of Andalusia (CEA) is a regional, professional, confederative, inter-sectorial and non-profit organization. The CEA is the most representative business association in the region and is established in all the provinces of Andalusia, plus Ceuta and Melilla, and in all of its productive sectors. The CEA is directly composed by one hundred and seven sectorial and provincial associations from all over Andalusia and includes every type of business, from large companies and SME’s to the self-employed workers, and 141 companies directly associated to CEA as sponsors. Furthermore, there are approximately 180,000 indirectly associated companies and 764 indirectly affiliated business organizations t.

Fundación Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA) is a regional public-private partnership (PPP) that was created in 2005 as joint effort of Andalusia regional government and a group of key companies, to trigger innovation activities performed by the Andalusian private sector, and to connect these activities with academia and society, supporting public bodies innovation policy implementation and promoting world-class research and innovation in a transition region. Currently, CTA is owned by more than 150 companies, 70% of them SMEs, in seven main European industrial priority sectors: ICT, aerospace and productive processes, agri-food, biotechnology, building and civil engineering, energy and environment, and leisure and tourism.   CTA’s main activity during these years has been advising, mentoring and funding (with own funds) innovation projects lead by companies and with a clear and measurable market application in the short and medium term, being therefore deeply embedded in the productive system. For the past 15 years, more than 700 projects have been supported with a total investment of some €170 million, having a leverage effect to mobilise additional private investment of ca. 515 M€. This way, CTA excels as a unique organisation, acting as a multi-sectorial innovation cluster and, far from just funding, developing a holistic approach to innovation that paves the way for project results to be swiftly introduced to the market. CTA also acts as a catalyst of collaboration, disseminating results, creating partnerships between its members and research groups, both local and international, and supporting the creation of joint research projects. In addition, CTA organises technology awareness events and training for companies on key emerging areas. Regarding the connection with public bodies, CTA is a policy advocacy body, providing strategic advice on innovation and technology to governments, from regional to international frameworks.

ERASMUS Münster e.V. is an independent non-profit organisation whose purpose is to support foreign students who come to Münster for one or two semesters as part of an exchange programme. Our aim is to promote the intercultural environment in Münster and organise a wide range of social, cultural and sport events.

Erasmus Student Network Slovakia (ESN Slovakia) is a non-profit student organisation. Our mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. Every year, 10 ESN sections from Bratislava to Košice take care of almost 2,000 Erasmus students. ESN SK represents international students and organize trips, cultural and social activities and events for them.

Eurac Research is a private research center based in Bolzano (South Tyrol) with researchers from a wide variety of scientific fields. Our research addresses the greatest challenges facing us in the future: people need health, energy, well-functioning political and social systems and an intact environment, seeking the answers in the interaction between many different disciplines