Reflective Leadership

This course is designed to enhance and reflect upon your leadership skills. Everyone has potential leadership abilities that don’t necessarily require a leadership position. The course covers a wide range of topics, including various leadership theories from past research to current perspectives. In addition to knowledge, the course invites you to practice and reflect on your leadership skills.



Registration dates 10 June 2024 05 October 2024
Course dates 21 October 2024 13 December 2024
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Reflective Leadership

Learning Outcomes

This course will increase competences for different kinds of contexts where leadership (including self-leadership and distributed/shared leadership) is needed. It is useful for those students that act as leaders, yet students do not have to be in a leadership position when taking this course

Course content

  • Leadership approaches
  • Critical leadership research
  • Leadership in context
  • Becoming and being a leader
  • Beliefs about human nature (Ihmiskäsitys)
  • Knowing your people
  • Leadership development
  • Well-being of a leader