Ulysseus Entre Camp Helsinki 2023

Ulysseus Entre Camp Helsinki 2023

From 5-9 June, nearly 50 students participated in the second edition of Ulysseus Entre Camp in Helsinki. This program, characterized by its innovative and immersive approach, cleverly integrated a diverse array of activities aimed at strengthen teamwork, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial aptitude, all further enriched by the utilization of design thinking methodologies.

Second edition of Entre Camp

In its second edition, Entre Camp Helsinki empowered students from six European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Slovakia, Austria and Helsinki), offering them a distinctive platform to collaborate, learn, and flourish on an international level.

This transformative programme merges academic excellence, cultural exchange, and entrepreneurial mindset, equipping its participants with the necessary skills and perspectives to thrive in the global landscape of the future. By fostering lasting connections and nurturing cross-cultural collaboration and innovation, Ulysseus Entre Camp cultivates individuals who serve as ambassadors for the power of international cooperation.

Reasons to join Entre Camp

Design Thinking: join the camp to learn to utilize Design Thinking Process and tools.

Challenge-based learning: work in close collaboration with organizations and companies on a challenge.

Entrepreneneurial mindset: Boost your entrepreneurial competences.

Sustainable business: work towards sustainable solutions for the future.

Cross-cultural team work: develop your intercultural competences and communication skills

Finland experience: enjoy the white nights and the happiest country in the world!

Challenges to solve

Senior Advisor Venla Virkamäki from the Helsinki Uusimaa Regional Council, Ulysseus Associated Partner, introduced the students to this year’s task: „Healthy and Green City for the Citizens – Resource-wise Helsinki-Uusimaa: Aiming for the well-functioning everyday life and wellbeing of citizens, nature, and businesses“.

This broad theme was subsequently divided into three distinct sub-themes:

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Urban Mobility Solutions

Sharing Economy in Urban Areas


Monday, June 5

  • Team Building
  • Challenge presentation
  • Tool and tasks
  • Entrepreneurship in Finland and real life cases
  • Helsinki city tour

Tuesday, June 6

  • Team work
  • Agile organisation applying service design as part of digital transformation
  • Team building: Sauna experience

Wednesday, June 7

  • Team work
  • Entrepreneurship story by Ansa Production
  • Porvoo city tour

Thursday, June 8

  • Lessons from successful and failed Startups
  • Presentation and panel discussion

Friday, June 9

  • Presentations
  • Panel discussion, announcing the winner & celebration