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Associated Partners are regional and local authorities, businesses, and citizens who participate and contribute to both the Ulysseus long-term mission and to our regional development and to shape the future of the European Higher Education. They are involved in the co-creation and design thinking processes, in the plans and structures and in the programs of activities of Ulysseus.

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Our purpose is to inspire people about entrepreneurship, provide a platform for our members to grow and increase their professional network and business skills.


We do this by providing mentorship, running entrepreneurship related programs and hackathons, and producing various events.

AISM is a national organization with strong roots at the local level. It has its own legal status and its contractual obligations are guaranteed by the Association own assets. AISM is a non-profit organization of social utility with national headquarters in Genoa, while its registered office is in Rome.


The Association is active across the entire Italian territory at the provincial, regional and national level. In fact, AISM counts 98 provincial sections, managed by their governing councils, which are responsible for pursuing association’s activities and objectives at the local level. The sections also rely on the support of 50 operational groups locally based and are represented by a Provincial President.


The Regional Coordinating Units (CR) are responsible for supervising activities at the regional level and manage relations with regional institutions in the field of social and health policies. Moreover, the National Headquarters aim to support the Governing Council in the association’s overall management and development. These offices collaborate on a daily basis with the network at the local level in order to provide the necessary technical, legal and administrative support, while implementing a series of planning and monitoring activities in order to conduct the foreseen institutional activities and the implementation of the Association program.


AISM can count around 12,000 associates across all sections who are active in the associative life and about 13,000 volunteers who support the association in its activities and events. Furthermore, AISM employs overall 232 staff members, 104 of which work in the national headquarters, another 71 across its local sections and 52 contribute in running its rehabilitation services. The main source of income for AISM remains primarily fundraising activities targeting both individual and organizational donors, as much as through agreements with public institutions for financing the different activities carried out by AISM rehabilitation and social assistance centres.


AISM also participates regularly in call for proposals (grants and tenders) managed by private and public financing institutions (EU, National Departments, Regional Authorities, Private Foundations etc.) in order to implement new project at the international, national and local level. As a way to guarantee the social inclusion of people with disabilities, since 2000 AISM is also fully active in the field of Accessible Tourism, with an accessible hotel in Tuscany (, a network of apartments in 4 italian regions, a Tour Operator ( and MICE activities. AISM is also Board Member of ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism).