A thrilling endeavour to shape the Future of Europe. We have a vision: to develop an excellency-recognized European University built upon the European values of social cohesion and respect for human rights. We strongly believe that European Universities should be open-to-the-world, solidary institutions beyond European borders.

To modernise our universities

We want to contribute to the modernisation of our educational institutions by developing a long-lasting Ulysseus territorial and digital Innovation Ecosystem. To that end, we will rely on: The Ulysseus community, representing the helix: partner universities and associated partners. The Ulysseus campus: Central Management Office, Digital Platform and Innovation Hubs.

To contribute to the development of our regions and cities

We aim to implement a series of student-centered, flexible, and work-based European Joint Programmes, interlinked with research and knowledge transfer activities. This is what we are working on:

  • European Degrees
  • Ulysseus internship programme
  • Short-format courses
  • Erasmus+ & Horizon Europe new projects
  • Joint Research Centers
  • Joint Incubators
  • Living labs
  • Matching4cooperation App

To reduce the competence gap

Our goal is to prepare highly-skilled digital, multilingual, and entrepreneurial European citizens through a combination of innovative learning and teaching activities. These are some of the top-notch skills that will be promoted:

  • +2 Language programme
  • Career development
  • Lifelong learning
  • Entrepreneurship and design-thinking
  • Innovative learning solutions for teachers
  • Competences for non-academic staff

To enhance the knowledge and practice of the European values

We want to help shape the European citizen of the future. A citizen characterised by their respect to human rights, equality, and inclusiveness. Boosting the representation of women in STEAM is another of our main ambitions. These are some of our key programmes:

  • European citizenship promotion
  • Citizen engagement
  • Special needs
  • Gender equality
  • Scholarship for disadvantaged groups
  • Elderlies’ internationalisation
  • Open Classes sites
  • Science shop

To promote an open-to-the-world model of university

A combination of in-person and virtual mobility is no longer a wish. It is part of what we understand by a European University of the future. Moreover, we want to enhance the recognition and massive use of the European Student Card. This is what we are investing in programmes for:

  • Mobility of students, academic and non-academic staff
  • Green Deal mobility scheme for climate protection
  • High Schools mobility
  • International cooperation
  • Welcoming international visitors
  • Talent Magnet
  • International promotion