A podcast about Ulysseus

Discovering Ulysseus

Have you heard about Ulysseus European University? If not, listen to ”Discovering Ulysseus”, a podcast about Ulysseus, an alliance of six universities led by the University of Seville. Here, you will learn how to participate in this university and any research work we do. Would you like to learn more? Listen to us in RADIUS, the radio of the University of Seville.

Episode 05

European opportunities for our students

Are you interested in our students’ activities in our alliance? At this episode, you will find out more info about some European opportunities for Ulysseus students such as European Student Assembly 2023 and the second edition of Ulysseus Entre Camp after the last year’s sucess!

We also cover the latest event of Ulysseus like some webinars and the Ulysseus Summit and Researchers’ Days in Genoa. Also, we inform about some events and deadlines you cannot miss!


Episode 04

Ulysseus commitment to European Values

Would you like to learn more about the foundation of the European Union? What are the European values and how Ulysseus is commited to them? At this episode, we are commemorating Europe Day! One of our aims is to develop a high-quality academic offer that is in line with the European values. We also cover the latest events of Ulysseus such as webinars and Researchers Week. Are you going to miss it?


Episode 03

Ulysseus Innovation Hubs

What are Ulysseus Innovation Hubs? Through a series of interviews and verbatims, this third episode aims at explaining in detail the purpose of Ulysseus Innovation Hubs and how they transfer research to society. It also covers the latest events of Ulysseus like the launching of the first Living Lab and Match4Cooperation, an app for our research community.


Episode 02

Understanding Ulysseus Innovation Ecosystem

What are the European policies on innovation and how is Ulysseus committed to them? What is Ulysseus innovation ecosystem? Through a series of interviews and statements, this episode aims at explaining the distinguishing features of Ulysseus innovation ecosystem, the key actors involved and how innovation is transferred in a transversal way. Additionally, it will cover the latest activities happening in the alliance such as webinars, the celebration of International Women’s Day and the future summit taking place in Nice.


Episode 01

Meeting Ulysseus students

At this episode you will learn more about the concept of European Universities and their goal to improve mobility and enhance the quality and excellence in research and education. It covers what Ulysseus European University is, the members the make up the Ulysseus alliance and the key actors within its community. Finally, it pays special attention to the active role of Ulysseus students as key players within this European University, including testimonials of students from the alliance who attended activities such as the Ulysseus Open Event in Seville, the summit in Košice and the Entrecamp in Helsinki.