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University of Montenegro (UCG)

The oldest and largest higher education institution in Montenegro

The University of Montenegro is the oldest and largest higher education, scientific and artistic institution in Montenegro, founded in 1974, in Podgorica. Its mission is to ensure and improve the quality of higher education, foster links between higher education and the labour market through research orientation, internationalization, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation.

Today, the university comprises 19 faculties and 3 scientific institutes, with campuses in all regions of Montenegro. It boasts 1,129 members of academic, professional, and non-academic staff, serving close to 20,000 students across all levels of study. Since 2004, teaching at the University of Montenegro has followed the principles of the Bologna Declaration, offering 105 undergraduate study programs, 74 master’s study programs, and 28 doctoral study programs.

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An extensive campus that spreads across the country

Situated in eight towns, namely Podgorica, Nikšić, Cetinje, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Bar, Berane, and Bijelo Polje, the University of Montenegro plays a pivotal role in education and research. Its vision encompasses creating an integrated knowledge society, enhancing the quality of life, and making a complete contribution to the social and economic development of Montenegro.

Academic excellence, autonomy, creativity, and freedom to create

The values of the University of Montenegro lie in academic excellence, autonomy, creativity, and the freedom to create, as well as in support for teachers, researchers and students in an effort to raise their profile among the national and international public in areas relevant to their profession. With the highest research budget among Montenegrin higher education institutions, it actively participates in the largest number of international projects.

The University of Montenegro is an integrated public university, with curricula harmonized with those at the most respected European universities. This, as well as the numerous agreements and programmes in which the University takes part, enables mobility without barriers across the European Higher Education Area for students, teachers and administrative staff.

Useful information to study in Montenegro

Budget to plan

Before coming to Montenegro, you should plan an approximate monthly budget of at least €500.

ID document required

EU and non-EU citizens must enter Montenegro with VALID PASSPORT (passport must be valid for 6 months after the departure date from Montenegro to your home country).

Long Stay Visa


If you do not obtain a visa in your home country, you can enter Montenegro with your valid passport, after which, within 24 hours, you must register your stay in Montenegro.

Once you are registered in a Tourist organization, you can stay in Montenegro for 90 days. However, within these 90 days, you must obtain a temporary residence permit. To obtain the residence permit, you shall submit a request for obtaining a temporary stay permit at the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Obligatory documents for obtaining a Residence Permit:

  1. Proof of having sufficient financial support (Copy of Grant Agreement)
  2. Proof that the student is provided with accommodation

*issued by the IRMO office of the University of Montenegro

  1. Health Insurance Certificate
  2. Copy of Passport (All pages)
  3. Valid Certificate of clear criminal record not older than six months (validity of six months) issued by the competent authority of the native country

*certificate has to be original and translated into Montenegrin language by a court-sworn interpreter

  1. Proof of request justification (confirmation that student is an Erasmus+ student)

*issued by the IRMO office of the University of Montenegro

All documents including the Grant Agreement, Health Insurance, and Certificate of clear criminal record have to be translated into Montenegrin language by a court-sworn interpreter.

Note: Please check if the verification with an Apostille stamp is required for documents issued in your country before arrival.


For students coming from non-EU countries, visa policy varies from country to country. Incoming students can stay in Montenegro for 30 days, but it is highly advisable to obtain a visa before arrival.  Upon arrival, incoming students must register at the Tourist Organization in the city of stay.

Information about the visa policy in Montenegro for each country is available here.

Health Insurance

It is highly recommended to take out health and travel insurance before departure. This insurance must be valid for the whole period of your stay.


University of Montenegro offers places at the dormitory in Podgorica and Nikšić.

The student dormitory in Podgorica is located on the UoM main campus. They provide accommodation for students and young researchers in recently renovated facilities. Each room has its own fully equipped bathroom. Rooms are equipped with TV and Wi-Fi Internet connection.

The price of accommodation in Podgorica and Nikšić at the dormitory is around 30 euros per bed per month.

Ride to Campus

Arriving by Plane

Montenegro has two airports – one is located in Podgorica, and the other one is in Tivat. The airport in Podgorica is approximately 15-20 minutes away from the city center and the student dormitory in Podgorica, by taxi. The airport in Tivat is 2 hours away from Podgorica. For more information visit the website of the Airports of Montenegro. There are no bus or train lines from or to the airport.

Arriving by Train

The main station is about 10 minutes from the city center and the student dormitory in Podgorica. For more information visit the website of the Rail Transport of Montenegro.

Arriving by Bus

It is possible to travel between cities by bus, as well as within the city using public transportation. For travel between cities visit the website. For public transportation in the capital city of Podgorica refer to the official website page of the Municipality of Podgorica.

Academic registration

After receiving a nomination from your home university, we will send you a welcome e-mail with all the necessary further steps and information. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us via email at ulysseus@ucg.ac.me.

Mobile Plan

In Montenegro, phone companies provide both subscription plans and pre-paid phone cards. Make sure to verify whether the mobile plan aligns with the duration of your stay and take the time to compare available offers. Prepaid cards are reloadable and can be recharged at most supermarkets and tobacco shops.

Health Insurance

It is highly recommended to take out health and travel insurance before departure. This insurance must be valid for the whole period of their stay.

Residence Permit

More information is in the section Prepare your departure – Long stay visa.


The University of Montenegro was founded in 1974 and is the oldest institution of higher education in Montenegro. It has 19 faculties and three institutes, with an academic community of about 17,000 active students at all levels of study, and more than 1,000 academic, professional, and other staff. Since 2004, classes at the University of Montenegro have been organized following the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

University Today

Today, the UNIVERSITY OF MONTENEGRO is the driver of the intellectual development of Montenegro – the center of scientific research, and cultural, artistic, and innovative creativity. It is the oldest and at the same time the only state university in Montenegro. It is the most comprehensive higher education institution that provides education in the fields of social sciences, and humanities, as well as technological, natural, and medical sciences. Classes are organized following the curricula of reputable universities in the European Higher Education Area, which, along with numerous agreements and programs, enables unhindered mobility for students, teachers, and administrative staff. The studies are implemented in three cycles, undergraduate, master, and doctoral studies. The model according to which they are implemented is 3 + 2 + 3, which means that undergraduate studies last for three academic years, except for regulated professions and teacher education which lasts for five or six years. Postgraduate master studies last two, and doctoral three academic years. The University of Montenegro is also a leading scientific research institution in the country, which strengthens its position through international cooperation and project activities aimed at supporting scientific research capacities. In addition to a very strong research activity in organizational units, the University also has three scientific institutes, the Institute of History, the Institute of Marine Biology, and the Institute of Advanced Studies. As a central institution of science, culture, and art, it continuously strengthens ties with the economic, social, and international environment, through productive cooperation with business and the public sector.


The University of Montenegro has a key role and responsibility to create and disseminate knowledge through excellence in education, science, and creativity; to promote international cooperation; to create successful and socially responsible academic citizens; and to promote democratic and sustainable development of the society and the state of Montenegro.

Academic Calendar

The academic year at the Unversity of Montenegro is divided into two semesters. The winter semester officially begins at the end of September and the summer semester officially starts in mid-February.

All details about the academic calendar are available here.

Language courses for international students

The University of Montenegro offers a free-of-charge Montenegrin language course lasting one semester. The course is organized at the A1 level.

After completing the course students obtain a Certificate of Attendance.


The University of Montenegro library is located on the main university campus. The mission of the library is to provide information for scientific research and the pedagogical process at the UoM. They provide services to teachers, researchers, other UoM employees, and students.

Library services are also available at each faculty unit.

The city of Podgorica offers also a very good library network and services.


We offer interested students the opportunity to dine at the cafeteria located within the student dormitory where they are accommodated. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available, and students can purchase the desired number of meals, which are recorded on a card provided to them upon registration. Meal prices range from 0.80 cents to 1.50 euros, depending on the selection.

Activities at university

The University of Montenegro offers diverse cultural and sporting activities, mainly through the following service – Sports and Cultural Centre of the UoM. Career Building and Life-long Learning Office provides students with the necessary information about employment opportunities, and continuing education, and helps them to better prepare for the labor market after graduation by organizing various workshops, trainings, events, and programs.

At the UoM, there are also numerous student organizations that you can find here.

In addition at the University of Montenegro, there is an Erasmus Student Network that offers its activities. This association also provides a buddy program.

International Relations Contacts

For all information and inquiries, you can contact us at ulysseus@ucg.ac.me.


Enjoy the nature, try traditional food, feel safe in Montenegro and explore the beauty of its diverse culture and landscapes!

To do list

  • Kotor Old Town
  • Bay of Kotor
  • Perast
  • Lake Skadar
  • Cetinje – Njeguši
  • Lipa Cave
  • Ada Bojana
  • Lady of the Rocks and Blue Cave
  • Black Lake
  • Tara Bridge
  • Ostrog Monastery

Here you can find Montenegro’s official travel guide.

Students associations

The University of Montenegro offers a rich student life complemented by student associations responsible for extracurricular activities of both entertaining and educational, cultural, and humanitarian nature. Please find here the full list of student associations.

City maps

Montenegro’s charm lies in its perfect blend of mountains and sea, offering easy access to both. Picture waking up to mountain vistas and ending your day with a sunset stroll along the beach. With everything close by, from sandy shores to hiking trails, Montenegro is an adventure waiting to happen!

Montenegro – Map

Podgorica Capital City – City Map


If you are in Montenegro and need to contact Montenegrin Emergency Services, please dial 122.