Shaping future Ulysseus Joint Degrees – One Campus, 16 joint Degree programs

The Ulysseus European University Alliance is excited to announce significant advancements in aligning joint programs policies in preparation of 16 Joint Degree programs to be kicked off within the next four years. Looking ahead, Ulysseus 2.0 aims to develop, accredit, and implement 8 joint master’s degrees, and 8 joint PhD programs. These ambitious targets reflect Ulysseus’s commitment to expanding and enriching the educational opportunities available within the alliance.

Shaping future Ulysseus Joint Degrees – One Campus, 16 joint Degree programs

To facilitate the successful co-creation and quality management of joint programs, the alliance has established the Ulysseus Joint Programs Committee. This initiative is designed to support the development, accreditation and implementation of double, multiple, and joint degrees across our eight member institutions. The committee co-lead by Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences and MCI The Entrepreneurial School® is pivotal in guiding policy alignment with the European, national and institutional higher education policies of all Ulysseus universities.

A primary objective of this task is to harmonize joint program policies with the institutional policies of all Ulysseus universities and national higher education policies. This includes aligning fees, examination guidelines, thesis guidelines, and compliance with both institutional and national regulations. This alignment facilitates smoother integration and cooperation among member universities, creating a more cohesive and effective joint program framework. For this purpose, the partners are working on a report of the implementation status of the European Approach in Ulysseus member countries provides critical insights into how joint degree programs align with European standards, highlighting best practices and areas for enhancement.

The first Ulysseus pilot joint degree UlysseusCitiesMD program focusing on urban development and smart cities has already been accredited in Ulysseus Step 1 and will commence in October 2024 with the first intake of students.

Currently, 5 other Joint Master Degree Programs are in preparation or under the European Approach accreditation process:

· UlysseusAI: Coordinated by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, this program bridges the fields of artificial intelligence and business

· UlysseusSMILE: Coordinated by MCI The Entrepreneurial School® ,this program emphasizes sustainable management in life sciences and engineering.

· UlysseusEMFORT-M: Also coordinated by MCI, this program focuses on sustainable tourism management.

· UlysseusDT: To be coordinated by the Technical University of Košice, this program will delve into digital transformation of the manufacturing, construction, and aerospace industries.

· UlysseusCORES: Coordinated by the University of Genoa, aims to provide an advanced education in the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.