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On this page, you will find a wide selection of resources for anyone currently studying or working in a high school setting. You can delve deeper into the topic of Ulysseus and learn more about the member universities making up this exciting alliance. You also have the opportunity to delve deeply into the topic of the European Union itself, and see and how it plays a vital role in your daily life. Finally, you can stay up-to-date on current offers, events and gatherings to engage on a deeper level with the Ulysseus European University Alliance.

Call offers

Language courses

You can now brush up your skills and expand your knowledge with the language course offer of Ulysseus European University.



Ulysseus quiz 

Test your Ulysseus knowledge about the activities of our alliance.

youtube screen on a tablet

Ulysseus on YouTube

In our YouTube channel, you will find various information videos, webinars and streams of our events. Be sure to check it out!

Students during a Ulysseus event

Ulysseus Events

Make sure to check back here for upcoming Ulysseus events online & onsite.

Discover TUKE universe with an astronaut

Tuke Universe

Throw yourself in a spacesuit, jump on a rocket and come with us to discover the TUKE universe, a universe full of amazing opportunities.

MCI MOOC EU Values and Digitalization 

As digitalization is changing the way we live and work, this course strives to promote excellence in teaching and to make students familiar with the EU’s common values, hence to equip them with new understanding in this field.

quiz eurostat


Who said stats were boring? Eurostat’s fun quiz will test and increase your knowledge of the EU using fun facts and figures.

videogame about the European Union


Take on the role of a minister of an EU country and experience how decision-making works in the EU – negotiate on real issues close to your heart.

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