Spanish Intermediate 2

This book-based course is aimed for those interested in learning Spanish at an upper- intermediate level. We will be working towards level B2, so learners who access it should already be familiar with basic B1 vocabulary and grammar.


The course will be synchronous, meaning you will have mandatory live online classes with a teacher available to assist you with any questions or needs you may have in real-time.


Ninety-minute classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 16:30 to 18:00 CET from February 5th to May 24th, with breaks for Easter week, Seville’s Fair, and local holidays.

Registration dates 15 January 2024 20 February 2024
Course dates 05 February 2024 24 May 2024
Registration is now closed
Spanish Intermediate 2

Learning outcomes

You will be able to achieve notable proficiency in the communicative structures of contemporary Spanish. Through the development of communicative processes and linguistic tasks at this level, you will deepen your understanding of fundamental aspects of the Spanish language and significantly improve your communicative skills, for example; write a screenplay, relate historical events, prepare an expedition, judge and maintain a discussion, lodge complaints, describe and express characters, attitudes and feelings regarding the past, and present hypothetical situations in the present and past.

Likewise, it is intended to reinforce your confidence in your acquired knowledge, your self-learning, and the development of personal and collaborative work strategies.

Course content

  • complex uses of the past tenses in the Indicative mood.
  • formation and uses of the Imperfecto and Pluscuamperfecto tenses in the Subjunctive.
  • simple and compound tenses in the Conditional mood.
  • subordinate clauses, conditional structures, as well as various structures of Indirect Style.
  • changing verbs and their different semantic and syntactic values.
  • periphrases.
  • prepositions and locutions in Spanish.
  • Students will need a copy of the following textbook:  Gente hoy 3 (B2). Libro del alumno, Barcelona: Difusión, 2015. (ISBN: 978-84-15640-40-0) y Gente hoy 3 (B2). Libro de trabajo (ISBN: 978-84-15640-41-7).