Lifelong Learning for Ulysseus Students

The course provides you with knowledge, skills, competencies and mindset that prepare you for the future as a student and as a professional. The course develops your competencies to recognize the learning that you already have gained and those that you need to develop.


Completing the course enhances your employability and helps you to look for opportunities. The overarching objective is to construe your path to become a European citizen with a mindset for lifelong learning.

Registration dates 24 June 2024 17 October 2024
Course dates 21 October 2024 24 January 2025
Registration is open
Lifelong Learning for Ulysseus Students

Learning outcomes

  • Adopt the mindset of lifelong learning
  • Develop new learning skills
  • Learn how to get the best out of various online tools
  • Enhance skills in critical reading
  • Recognize and assess one’s professional competencies
  • Enhance employability and career planning
  • Get acquainted with the opportunities offered by Ulysseus
  • Network with peer students across Ulysseus.

Course content

  • Lifelong learning as a concept and a mindset
  • Competence development and recognition
  • Learning methods
  • Online tools to enhance learning
  • Portfolio building for career development
  • Critical reading and argumentation
  • Networking
  • Study offer and mobility options in Ulysseus

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