Ulysseus German Beginner 2.2

This is an in-person (synchronous) online course which is held every Monday (5.30 – 8.00 pm CET) over 10 weeks. To get the 2 ECTS a minimum attendance rate of 70% (=7 out of 10 sessions) and a positive final test result are required.

Registration dates 08 January 2024 06 March 2024
Course dates 18 March 2024 03 June 2024
Registration is now closed
Ulysseus German Beginner 2.2

Learning outcomes

  • ­ Handling simple phone calls
  •  Understanding short presentations
  •  Understanding and making suggestions
  • Making complaints
  •  Expressing interest or disinterest in something
  • Handling simple job-related correspondence

Course content

Building on acquired language skills, this course teaches you to communicate appropriately in familiar everyday situations. The structural language competence in the sense of elementary grammar knowledge and vocabulary will be expanded.

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