Ulysseus Finnish Intermediate 1

Welcome to Ulysseus Finnish Intermediate 1 course! During this virtual course you’ll practice writing different texts that are used in working life, learn new vocabulary and to express your opinions.


The course offers you versatile exercises and chances to practice everyday and working life language.


You should have achieved level A2 in Finnish before starting this course.

Registration dates 13 February 2024 22 March 2024
Course dates 25 March 2024 17 May 2024
Registration is now closed
Ulysseus Finnish Intermediate 1

Learning outcomes:

The student familiarizes him/herself with different texts likely to arise in working life and can write some texts, for example emails and messages him/herself.

  • The student can tell about his/her working background and skills.
  • The student is familiar with vocabulary and language related to working life and different professions.
  • The student knows how to express his/her opinions.

Course content:

  • Expressing one’s opinion in different situations.
  • Information about different professions
  • Recruitment process
  • Studies and working experience.
  • Phrases used in spoken language.
  • Reviewing some grammar the students need (for example past tense, conditional)


The course assignments vary. They can be about writing, video, listening, reading or grammar (for example introducing yourself by video, writing about your life, video CV, text message, e-mails, video about your opinion, phrases used in different situations etc.)

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