Ulysseus Chinese Intermediate 1

The purpose of this course is to learn and practice language skills involving everyday life and basic business situations.

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and is used in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The Chinese written language (漢字) is also used in Japanese as well as in ancient Korea. About 60-65% of modern Korean words come from the Chinese language.

China has grown into a technological giant with a huge market and is the world’s number one nation in GDP when counted with purchasing power parity (PPP). Now more than ever, learning the Chinese language can give you a competitive advantage in your future career.

Registration dates 13 February 2024 22 March 2024
Course dates 25 March 2024 17 May 2024
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Ulysseus Chinese Intermediate 1

Learning Outcomes:

After the course, students will:
• achieve the proficiency of the whole Pinyin system
• learn basic Chinese business vocabulary and expressions
• manage superficial conversations in everyday life and the most common business situations
• exchange ideas and basic information related to business and work situations
• be able to read and write common characters seen in business places in Chinese-speaking areas

Course content:

The course prepares students with basic language skills in both common everyday life and simple business situations. Learning materials cover for example the following items:

  • getting acquainted with a new person
  • introducing oneself and others asking about time, schedule, etc.
  • telling about one’s own home, present life situation, friends and foreign language skills
  • ways of addressing customers and business partners business companies, positions, rank and business card business work unit, location and phone number

Learning Platform:

This course is aimed at everyone who is interested in learning Chinese Language and Culture at your own pace in Moodle with an optional weekly online teaching at 16:00-17:00 (CET) every Thursday starting 28.3.2024.

In case you cannot attend the optional online sessions, recorded teaching videos will be available to assist your learning at your own pace.

The grading criteria is Pass/Fail.

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