Ulysseus Chinese Beginner 1.1

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With over a billion native speakers, mastering Chinese bridges a vast network of personal and professional opportunities worldwide for you. From poetry and philosophy to technology and trade, the Chinese language is your gateway to diverse realms of knowledge. Our curriculum, aligned with the HSK 1, is designed to provide a foundation while making learning an enjoyable endeavor.


This is a synchronous online course which is held every Monday (5.30 – 8.00 pm CET) over 14 weeks. To get the 2 ECTS a minimum attendance rate of 70% (=7 out of 10 sessions) and a positive final test result are required. 

Registration dates 01 September 2023 04 October 2023
Course dates 16 October 2023 29 January 2024
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Ulysseus Chinese Beginner 1.1

Learning outcomes

  • You are able to master Pinyin and the phonetic skills of different tones. 
  • You know the basic vocabulary, phrases, and sentences, such as introducing yourself, asking the time, talking about food, etc. 
  • You are able to read and write simple Chinese characters. 
  • You can take the HSK exam after completing two semesters of the course. 

Experienced educator

Teacher teaching Chinese

Our native Chinese instructor bring a wealth of experience and passion to the virtual classroom, ensuring personalized attention to help each participant thrive.

Cultural immersion activities


Every semester, we host two ‚Chinese Corner‘ activities—unique interactive sessions where students can partake in authentic cultural activities such as dumpling making and Mahjong playing, bridging online-learning with real-world cultural appreciation.

Blended learning experience

Books of different colours

Alongside engaging live online sessions, students will have access to a vast array of self-paced online resources, facilitating a flexible and enriched learning experience.

Community learning

Students looking at a computer

Connect with a community of like-minded learners, share experiences, and foster lasting relationships as you journey through the nuances of the Chinese language together.

Course content

This course is ideal for you if you have never studied Chinese before. It is a standard Chinese course for beginners, which allows you to participate no matter where you are.  

Through a variety of interactive teaching modes, the online course enables you to develop the skills of speaking and reading simple Chinese characters, thus achieving overall progress in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as expanding your intercultural communication skills. 

The course focuses on combining learning and practice. After each live course, you can watch videos to reinforce the content of each session and the enormous amount of resources can let you have fun with self-learning 

Interactive lessons

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