BIP Multilingualism and Intercultural Competences

The Ulysseus Blended Intensive Programme on Multilingualism and Intercultural Competences is a transformative experience designed for nonacademic staff from Ulysseus partners enriching participants professional and personal growth.

Registration dates 18 March 2024 17 May 2024
Course dates 03 June 2024 07 June 2024
Registration is now closed
BIP Multilingualism and Intercultural Competences

Learning outcomes

The camp aims to foster deep connections through team-building, introductions to partner universities and comprehensive tandem-language learning sessions. Attendees will explore eight cultures of the alliance, participate in language tandems, and engage in intensive days of lectures, workshops and simulations focused on developing intercultural competences, including communication, cultural intelligence, intercultural conflicts and much more.


Day 1-3

DAY 1 / June 3


  • Introduction of participants
  • Team building
  • Introduction to Ulysseus
  • Introduction to all partner universities

DAY 2 / June 4

Learning cultures and languages

  • Introduction to Finnish culture
  • Introduction to participants’ cultures
  • Language Tandems

DAY 3 / June 5

Intercultural Competences Day 1

  • Introduction to Intercultural
  • Competences
  • Culture is communication
  • Defining Culture

Day 4-5

DAY 4 / June 6 (Porvoo Campus)

Intercultural Competences Day II

  • Time, space and context
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Intercultural Conflict
  • Cultural Competences and Leadership

DAY 5 / June 7

Reflection and Feedback

Reflection and feedback sessions

Lunch and City Tour in the centerof Helsinki

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