Welcome to Match4Cooperation!

In the scope of Ulysseus European University, we have delivered a unique social network that allows the Ulysseus research community to exchange on their work and collaborate on European Union calls and other public or private opportunities.

Our aim is to connect all Ulysseus academics, raise an equal level of awareness about EU research calls for projects and to promote research mobility within Ulysseus.

Users can access Match4Cooperation through the web application available for Android and iPhone or through the web version.

We currently have a challenge running on M4C: We will send two young researchers to a conference of their choosing, check it out now at the bottom of this page !

How to access Match4Cooperation

Step 1

Find Match4Cooperation

Download the application in the following stores:


Visit the Match4Cooperation website

Step 2


  • If you are member of the Ulysseus Alliance you can login into the social network using your own university login, click on ”ULYSSEUS MEMBER LOGIN”
  • If you’re not a member of a Ulysseus institution, you need an invitation to access the site. Reach out to one of our members to provide you with an invitation, you’ll then use email & password and click on ”GUEST LOGIN”

Step 3

Connect with peers

  • Explore the research network, find and invite researchers and staff from Ulysseus by clicking on the top left search icon
  • Go to the ”Public feed” tab and discover who is already active and follow them to have their content in ”My Feed” tab.

Step 4

Find projects

  • @projects is a specific group on M4C has been created. Here, all open projects are visible. Just search ”projects” from the search screen and you’ll be able to follow it
  • Every Monday @projects will post the current list of projects in which they are looking for partners in the alliance. Therefore, you can browse and see if anything is interesting. If so, reply to the message to get involved.
  • If you are looking for partners for your project, you can simply tag @projects into your message! It could not be simpler!

Join our Open Science Competition in Match4Cooperation!

Join M4C and participate in our Open Science Competition. We will send two young researchers to a conference of their choosing! Just tell us where you want to goand link an open access peer-reviewed publication OR an article submitted to the Ulysseus Open Science repository. Find the full Terms and Conditions below.

Full terms and conditions

  • You must be currently enrolled as a student in an higher education institution or have received your PhD within the last 5 years at the time of participation to this competition.

You must link to an open access peer-reviewed article published within the last 3 years where you are first author or last author OR an article submitted to the Ulysseus Open Science repository. The prize is non-transferable, and can only be claimed and used by the person who entered the competition.

The competition will start on 1st April 2023 and will close at midnight 30th June 2023 (CEST)

There will be 2 winners selected at the end of May:

  • Winner 1 will be determined based on how many times their post gets re-tooted.
  • Winner 2 will be the person whose peer-reviewed article was published in the highest Impact Factor Journal (IF taken at the time of the competition close).
  • In the case of a tie, in either category, the winner will be selected based on how many times they have tooted on M4C.
  • Winners will be announced on M4C on July.

Winners can claim funds* to cover their following expenses:

  • Travel expenses: up to 1000€
  • Accommodation expenses: up to 150€/night
  • Registration Fees for the chosen conference: up to 1000€

These funds will be made available from September 2023 until December 2023.

Conditions for claiming the available funds:

  • The winners must have been accepted to present their research work (posters or oral presentation) at the conference of their choosing.
  • Winners will be required to submit a copy of the conference acceptance notification they received.

Please note that the available funds DO NOT COVER the following:

  • Insurances for travels (cancellation, medical or otherwise)
  • food & drink
  • activities (e.g., city tours, sightseeing, excursions, or any leisure activities proposed in the framework of the conference)
  • airport transfers/shuttles and taxis.
  • The winner must use Ulysseus branding on their presentation
  • The winner agrees to share a photo of themselves at the event for our social media
  • The winner will need to present a Certificate of attendance to the competition organisers

*The funds will not directly be paid out the winners. UCA will book and pay directly for the travel, accommodation and fees expenses.

  • First, join Ulysseus Match4Cooperation through this link: https://social.ulysseus.eu.
  • From here, login with ULYSSEUS LOGIN (EDUGAIN), it will bring you one click away from your university login.
  • Once you are on Match4Cooperation, share a post.
  • It should contain:
    • A link to your open-science research
    • A mention to @projects account : just write @projects@social-groups.ulysseus.eu (it will suggest it when you type first characters)
    • Indicate which conference you want to go to
    • Add #OpenScience
  • Click on the 3 dots and get the link to your post.
  • Paste this link in an email and send it (BCC) to all the people you wish could support you.
  • They just have to login the same way you did, follow your account  and click on “Open in web” at the bottom.