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TUKE in Slovakia is an internationally recognized research and education institution that provides education and smart solutions for various areas of life. TUKE has been ranked in the world’s top university rankings, such as: Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2020 (TOP 1001+), Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2020 (601+), THE Emerging Economies University Ranking 2020 (351-400), QS World University Rankings 2020 (801-1000), QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Rankings 2020 (104), URAP-University Ranking by Academic Performance, SCIMAGO, Webometrics and others.

With a total area of 43 hectares and with its three campuses in two regional cities, it is one of the largest universities in Slovakia. Thanks to the interconnection of its nine faculties (list below) with a diverse focus, TUKE creates a unique environment for thousands of students. More than 17 per cent of them are foreign students from 47 countries. TUKE offers a wide range of appealing study programs.

It works closely with other educational institutions and industrial facilities at home and abroad (118 university partnerships with 30 countries and 276 valid agreements enabling mobility of our teachers and students within the Erasmus+ program to 35 countries). TUKE caters for a wide range of educational needs not only in the East-Slovak region, but throughout Slovakia and Central Europe, as in many specializations it is the only centre of education and research in this area.

TUKE continues in the tradition of technical higher education established in Slovakia in 18th century focusing on interdisciplinary education and research. Naturally TUKE closely co-operates with private sector and industrial organizations throughout the region and the Slovak Republic. Educational and research activities are strongly demand driven based on current and expected needs in practice. Consequently, numerous projects have been researched and excellence laboratories have been founded. The support of young innovators is covered by the University Science Park TECHNICOM through the TUKE Startup Centre and TUKE Incubator.

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