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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® provides a meaningful connection between universities, grandes écoles, business schools, universities of applied sciences, and the world of business. It represents a strong international brand that successfully combines academic teaching and training, solution-oriented research & development, impactful knowledge transfer and innovative start-ups. 

The MCI links together the best out of science, economy and consulting to the unique concept of an international Entrepreneurial University of Applied Sciences providing the platform for numerous academia-business activities including start-ups, executive education, summer & winter schools, study abroad programs, international conferences and more. It stands for internationality, academic quality, practice orientation, innovation, close cooperation with industry, solution-oriented research and development, first-class infrastructure, a high level of customer and service orientation, and international renown.

MCI empowers motivated people to achieve outstanding performance, provides profound academic competence and creates innovative know-how transfer within a strong international network.

This is what MCI stands for: 

  • Quality teaching. High quality teaching secures our position among the leading academic institutions in the German speaking world
  • Intellectual contribution, transfer of know-how & start-ups. Our intellectual contribution is applied, business-relevant and solution-oriented. The transfer of know-how strengthens the location and the competitiveness of companies.
  • International orientation. Our strong international orientation generates know-how, prestige and added value for our customers
  • Customer and service orientation. Our customer and service orientation is exemplary
  • People and culture. Our corporate culture thrives on mutual trust, diversity, commitment of our employees, entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility towards society
  • Brand. MCI’s brand is internationally renowned and stands for performance, professionality, knowledge and competence
  • Network. Our international network creates a competitive edge and added value for our stakeholders
  • Innovation. Ongoing innovation forms the basis of our market position and ensures our competitiveness
  • Infrastructure. Our excellent infrastructure creates an attractive and stimulating environment

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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

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You will find here information about the documents you will need to prepare ahead of travelling to Austria, the administrative processes to follow before leaving your home country and some recommendations about how to find accommodation in Innsbruck, among others.

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Here you will find some recommendations to get around Innsbruck, arrange a health insurance if needed or register at MCI. 

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What courses are offered by  MCI | The Entrepreneurial School? What facilities are available for students? Are there any extracurricular activities offered which may be of your interest? What options do I have on campus? Find here all the details you need to excel in your studies at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School. 

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What are the best things to do in Innsbruck? Are there student job options? What student associations can I join?

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Find out where to call in case of emergency, how to find pharmacy or learn about the official holidays in Austria. This section is packed with relevant information that may come handy for you.