Co-innovating in practice between startups and corporates

Future-oriented corporations are eagerly seeking collaboration with agile, creative startups to disrupt industries and spearhead digital transformation. However, only a few companies utilise fully this collaboration potential. Our cutting-edge virtual MOOC-course on Co-Innovation is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to foster these vital partnerships.

This course is truly international because it has been developed by a team of experts from Ulysseus European University and it is offered for learners globally.

Learn how to navigate the complexities of co-innovation, unlocking new opportunities and driving business transformation. Welcome to this six-week virtual course!



Registration dates 21 June 2024 27 September 2024
Course dates 01 October 2024 12 November 2024
Registration is open
Co-innovating in practice between startups and corporates

Course content

  • Concept of co-innovation and its relevance and potential for both corporates and startups
  • Relevant related concepts open innovation
  • Corporate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • Different approaches to finding your innovation partner and various formats of co-innovation
  • Co-innovation tool
  • Corporate perspective to co-innovation
  • Startup perspective to co-innovation and applying tools and techniques to support innovation

Learning outcomes

After finalizing the summer school, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of corporate entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and open innovation
  • Recognize the benefits and challenges of startup-corporate collaboration
  • Understand the urgency of innovation in the corporate world, examine partners in co-innovation processes
    distinguish and explore existing formats of collaboration
  • Understand characteristics of startups, corporates and other stakeholders in co-innovation
  • Learn to use tools and techniques to support co-innovation such as the Co-Innovation Builder
  • Apply the Co-Innovation Builder in a real-life startup-corporate collaboration case