14 Ulysseus students participate in the European Student Assembly 2023 

 240 students from 44 European university alliances gather to discuss topics directly connected with the future of Europe in an event titled “Empowering Students for a United Europe 

14 Ulysseus students participate in the European Student Assembly 2023 

Strasbourg, also known for its historical significance and for being a symbol of European unity, serves as backdrop for the second edition of the European Student Assembly (ESA). This event is happening in between 31- May and 2 June. Under the theme “Empowering Students for a United Europe”, 240 students from 44 European university alliances have had the opportunity to discuss topics directly connected with the future of Europe. 

During three days, starting on 31 May, 14 students from the six partner universities of Ulysseus (9 from the University of Seville in Spain, 1 from the University of Genoa in Italy, 2 from the Technical University of Košice in Slovakia, 1 from the MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® in Austria and 1 from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland) have tackled key challenges facing the continent and explored innovative solutions through dynamic discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. 

The students have worked on 10 discussion topics, and they are expected to produce a set of recommendations on each of them. The program will feature a series of thought-provoking keynote addresses by distinguished speakers who are at the forefront of their respective fields. In addition, ESA 2023 offers a range of interactive workshops and panel discussions covering diverse topics such as sustainability, innovation, social justice, and the future of education. Participants have had the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, learn from experts, and develop practical skills to address pressing issues and drive positive impact in their communities. The recommendations made by students will be disseminated at events that will bring together various policy actors in Europe, such as municipalities, businesses and NGOs. 

students in the European Parliament during the European Student Assembly

Collective efforts in shaping the future of Europe 

The European Student Assembly, an initiative driven by the collective efforts of student leaders, academia, and policymakers, seeks to foster unity, understanding, and active participation among students in shaping the future of Europe.   

With the sponsorship of prominent European institutions, ESA 2023 brings together a diverse and talented cohort of students, representing various fields of study, backgrounds, and nationalities. This event will enable participants to engage in constructive debates, form meaningful connections, and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities Europe faces today. 

About Ulysseus 

Ulysseus is one of the 44 European Universities selected by the European Commission to become the universities of the future. Led by the University of Seville together with five other universities in Europe (the University of Genoa, Italy; Université Côte d’Azur, France; the Technical University of Košice, Slovakia; MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®, Austria; and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland), the project will allow students, researchers and graduates to move freely between universities, carry out internships in companies and start high-impact research projects.