D2S@Ulysseus course for Educators

The introductory MOOC course will introduce you to concepts of Digital Skills and Digital Soft Skills that will help you navigate a digital teaching environment.

This course is open enrollment all the time.

Registration dates 01 February 2023 30 June 2023
Course dates 01 February 2023 30 September 2023
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D2S@Ulysseus course for Educators

Learning outcomes

  • Mastering must-have Digital Soft Skills
  • Identifying strategies to online teaching and learning
  • Applying personal reflective practice to digital
  • Managing digital collaboration and teamwork
  • Reflecting on critical thinking, problem solving and creativity for an effective learning
  • Ensuring inclusion and responding digital expectations
  • Integrating sustainable development in online teaching

Course content

The D2S@Ulysseus courses are aimed at educators of the Ulysseus University Alliance and beyond, at all those who wish to strengthen their digital capabilities. In our digital age, when new technologies are having a massive impact on society, the labour market and the new skills in demand, if you want to develop your transversal skills and gain digital competencies, then these courses are for you!
There are 1 Introductory MOOC and 5 courses (Cross-cutting Competences, Developing Me, Communicating with Others, Acting Now, Creating the Future) : one version for students and one version for educators/staff.

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