Learning Culture in Organisations

“Learning Culture in Organisations” is a comprehensive course designed to immerse you in the world of organisational learning. You will explore different approaches to learning, processes and practices that enhance learning, and understand the role of a supportive environment in fostering a learning culture.

Join us on this journey to discover how learning can drive organisational competitiveness and create a culture that enhances learning!


Registration dates 10 June 2024 05 October 2024
Course dates 21 October 2024 13 December 2024
Registration is open
Learning Culture in Organisations

Learning Outcomes

Different approaches to learning and learning culture in organisation, as well as environment, processes and practices that enhance learning. Students are encouraged to reflect and develop practices that promote learning in their own organisations.

Course content

  • Learning and organisational competitiveness
  • Different approaches to learning
  • From knowledge to competences
  • Learning processes and practices
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Organizational culture that enhances learning